Welcome to Abby's Page!
Hi, I’m Abby. I’m proof that a Woman can be petite and muscular. I have biceps,
brains and beauty. I’m 5 feet tall and weigh 110 pounds. Don’t let my size fool you, I
can handle men twice my size and weight. My best physical quality, are my biceps. I’
m in great shape all around!! My abs, are in peak condition and my quads and calves
are toned. I work out and it shows. Abby’s my name and Biceps are my game. I’m
looking forward to meeting the Webmaster in person to show off my strength.  I’m
sure you’ll enjoy my videos.
Abby's Audition/Flexing Video
12 minute Flexing Video (Webcam Quality)
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Abby’s Biceps are the star of the show!!! Her petite body is all muscle. Abby flexes her biceps and shows how
muscular she is. Watch as her bicep peaks stand while she dares you to pull them down. There’s no doubt she’s
VideoTeasing quality, especially after you see her bicep muscles pop!! Abby’s attitude is confident and she challenges
the WebMaster to take her on.  Abby is proud to show off her physique and she shows you why some people call her
“Abby Abs”.  Abby shows off her entire physique including her toned quads and calf muscles. She also puts on a nice
push up show which will certainly get your attention.  You won’t be disappointed!!
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36 min 30 sec Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
After seeing Abby's Audition video, the webmaster travels to meet Abby. He’s immediately impressed with her biceps and physique but just
the same, he puts her through a tryout to be absolutely sure she should be on his site.  She surprises him by proving her petite size has
nothing to do with her strength. Abby easily LIFT and CARRIES the webmaster in various ways (Fireman’s carry, over the shoulder, piggy
back, cradle, leg press and back to back) while doing squats. The webmaster tests Abby’s biceps as he attempts to pull them down but her
biceps don’t budge!! The webmaster moves on to Abby’s impressive abs and she insists on flexing her biceps during the ABS PUNCHING
test. It’s obvious her abs, are in great shape. Abby can’t help but show off what she’s most proud of….her biceps!! The webmaster sees that
Abby is strong, but he challenges her to an ARMWRESTLING contest. Abby warns him that she arm-wrestles men as she’s too strong for
women. Wimpy learns the hard way that Abby can easily take him on as she humiliates him by beating him right and left handed!!  Wimpy
doesn’t like to leave being a loser, so he challenges Abby to games of MERCY including the finger lock game and bicep Mercy. As much as
he tries, he can’t handle Abby’s strength. Last, but not least, Abby proves her quads are super strong as Wimpy is overcome by her strength
during the body and head scissor tests. He cannot help but tap out. Come see how her spot on Video Teasing was secured!!!
Abby's Tryout Video
Flexing, Armwrestling, Mercy, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry, Scissoring and much more!
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15 minute Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Abby loved showing her strength during her Tryout video and she was thrilled when the Webmaster asked her to come back to show the fans just how fit
and strong she really is. Abby is very proud of her physique, especially her biceps, quads and core strength.  Abby begins by putting on a FLEXING show for
you. Watch her kiss and admire her beautiful strong biceps. They pop and bulge as she twists her forearms…she knows you like watching her. Go
ahead…reach out and touch them.  In another segment, Abby demonstrates her weight CURLING abilities to the Webmasters while at the Gym. Wimpy isn’t
convinced that Abby can lift weights, but he’s soon proven wrong. Abby does numerous curls using 30 and 35 pound weights all while maintaining perfect
form. Go ahead Abby; you’ve earned the right to flex for VT fans!! As an added bonus, Abby shows off her super LIFTING abilities using a 175 pound Human
Weight!. Includes: fireman, piggy back, over the shoulder and a back to back lift, which is most impressive since she doesn’t even use any hands to balance
the webmaster on her back!! (A first ever for VT) Abby ends the video by LEG PRESSING Wimpy and also doing donkey CALF RAISES with Wimpy on her back.
Abby impressed the Webmaster and she’ll certainly impress you too. Abby is proof that “strong girls come in small packages”.
Abby's Flex, Curl, and Lift/Carry Video
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