Welcome to Addie Juniper's Page!
Hi, I'm Addie Juniper! I love life and I don't take things too seriously. I never
realized I had an attractive physique until men and women began worshiping my
biceps, legs and abs. I love being on VideoTeasing as it allows me to meet so many
people and make new fans. I'm sure as you begin to watch my videos, you'll
appreciate all the hard work I do to keep my physique in top shape. It's great to be
on the site and I'm looking forward to having lots of fun with all of you.
Addie Juniper, a well known model is having a great day! The Webmaster finds her at a trade show getting her muscles worshiped by Devon,
one of his VT models! Addie knows her beautiful legs and muscles are irresistible to anyone who walks by and that they're accentuated by her
sexy high heels.  Devon worships Addie like a goddess and caresses every inch of Addie's long & muscular legs. Devon is also attracted to
Addie's biceps which have grown since her last appearance and are perfect in every way! Addie agrees that Devon's biceps are certainly worth
her attention. Watch as both girls admire one another's biceps and physiques, will make you wish you were there!!
NEW! - Addie and Devon Worship Video
NEW! - Addie and Helena Lift Carry Video
Addie meets Helena, a VT model and they immediately  bond over their love of lifting. With the webmaster's encouragement, they're up to the
challenge and  decide to have a little lift and carry fun! Addie, having a hand injury can't do lifts, but luckily she admits she loves being lifted!
Helena, while wearing her high heels,  jumps right into lifting Addie. Lifts include: PIGGY BACK, OVER THE SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, CRADLE,
BACK-TO-BACK and a LEG PRESSES  by BOTH girls! For old time sake, Wimpy joins in and Helena Piggy Backs him also! The girls get a bit
carried away at the end and have a little fun showing him who's boss! Watch and join the girls in this fun and amazing video!
12 minute Video
NEW! - Addie Scissors Wimpy
Addie Juniper is at a  modeling trade show doing live mini-sessions when the Wimpy Webmaster drops by and
doubts that a cute all-american girl like Addie can have strong legs. BOY, WAS HE WRONG!! Watch how Addie
teaches Wimpy a lesson on what REAL scissor sessions are all about. Addie gives you her email address at the
end of this video if you're brave enough to schedule your very own session with her.
13 minute Video
13 minute Video
Addie's Video Package 1
Get all 3 videos below for $24.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Addie's Video Package 1
Get all 3 videos above for $24.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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