Welcome to Adelle's Page!
Hi, nice to meet you. I'm an athletic Texan. My favorite sports are doing
cheerleading & gymnastics. I love working out and hanging out at the
gym. I've got strong biceps and toned abs. People are always amazed
when they see my biceps. I'm confident I can beat almost anyone in
armwrestling as I've had lots of practice beating my cousins. I'm glad I
had the opportunity to send my audition video to the webmaster where I
was able to prove that I'm perfect for this site.
Adelle's Audtion Video
Adelle sends in her audition video. She easily impresses us by showing off her muscular biceps and toned abs. If you saw her
on the street, you'd never guess how big her biceps are but as soon as she flexed for you, you'd be shocked!!. She's sweet
and attractive with  muscular and mighty biceps. Adelle flexes and poses for the camera. She shows off her six-pack abs
which are also in peak condition. It didn't take much convincing for Adelle to receive her invitation to be a model on VT. We
knew she landed the spot with her first bicep flex.
14 minute Audition Video
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Adelle's ready to impress at a fitness show. She's excited to show her fans and the webmaster that although she was impressive in her
webcam audition video, her biceps and abs are shockingly amazing in person!! Adelle's Abs are tough as a rock and her biceps are
reminiscent of the famous Becky Biceps!! Watch those babies pop!! Adelle handles the Webmaster's challenges like a pro She sails
through the ABS PUNCHING (note: her abs have become totally ripped in the past year!), BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY and ARMWRESTLING
challenges with ease. She puts Wimpy down right handed, left handed and two fingered. Adelle's friend, proves that she's also strong.
Both girls LIFT & CARRY each other in various ways including: piggy back, cradle style, back-to-back and fireman's. Adelle is full of energy
and proves she's truly fit when she impresses during a pull-up contest. As a Finale, the Webmaster challenges Adelle and proves that
she's able to beat him during a 100% REAL ARMWRESTLING CHALLENGE!! The webmaster is shocked at her strength and so will you!!
Adelle's Muscle and Strength Fun
30 min 17 sec Video
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NEW! -  Adelle's Muscle Fun 2 Video
Adelle is back, more beautiful than ever with her new look and biceps that without a doubt, will impress her fans!  She runs into
the webmaster at a fitness expo and shocks him with her sexy new look! Her confidence is well deserved as she shows that
she's stronger than last year and can easily handle any strength tests. Not only does she prove she's still got her strength during
the ARMWRESTLING, TUG OF WAR, and BICEP PULLDOWN tests, she shows she's much stronger than last year by LIFTING &
CARRYING the webmaster including: CRADLE, PIGGY-BACK,  and BACK-TO-BACK with the greatest of ease!! She shows her six
pack ABS can take a punch without a problem.  Adelle's smile and great personality are contagious and her biceps and physique
are certainly worthy of your attention. Watch this video to see the all-new Adelle and her famously popping biceps!!
20 min 11 sec Video
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