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NEW! - Adrienne's Flexing Audition and Interview Video
In a rare behind-the-scenes look at the interview process to become a VT model, this 19 minute skype video features the
webmaster asking beautiful Adrienne to show off her muscles for him and the VT audience. Besides flexing her biceps and
showing off her abs and toned legs, Adrienne showed off the yoga moves she does to get her strength.  During the interview, we
found out she is also a fantastic singer (for real!) and became the first VT model to FLEX and SING at the same time!
Hi, I'm Adrienne and I'm here to show off my muscles.  I do lots of yoga which
has made my body very toned and strong!  I think my legs are best feature but
I have great abs and arms too (I guess I'll let you guys decide after you view
my audition video).
19 minute Flexing Audition and Interview Video (Skype video quality)
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