Welcome to World Record Weber's Page
Hi, my name is Alicia Weber and I am a 500+ x World Record
Holder in Strength, Speed, and Endurance.  You can learn more
about my strength feats here:
www.aliciaweber.com  I am also
also an elite athlete in 16-Sports and a fitness trainer, comedian,
and video producer.
Alicia's Armwrestling Video 1
"World Record Weber's Lake Tahoe Arm Wrestling Match"
with Bicep Flexing and Pushups!
Action Packed Mixed Armwrestling as only found in Lake Tahoe, NV!  
Watch the great lengths taken by a former Lumberjack Champ in
order to win the arm wrestling match against World Record Weber!  
Will the Lumberjack win?  Find out as 2 matches unfold with a BONUS
2-minutes of bicep flexing and some amazing in-between match
pushups!  The arm wrestling can keep you mesmerized in your seat
with your heart racing!  Look out - a surprise will come at the end!!
9 min 12 sec Armwrestling Video 1
Alicia's Flexing Video 2
(Bicep Flexing in Tight Sleeves)
Under the spotlight, World Record Weber reveals her big,
beautiful biceps as she flexes in tight sleeves.  She also
slowly pushes the sleeves up the arm to show the real deal
underneath the sleeves.  Her biceps increase size during
the 8 + minute continuous bicep flexing show!
8 min 30 sec Flexing Video 2
Alicia's Flexing Video 1
(Alicia's 100 dips in-a-row and Flexing Show)
Alicia "World Record" Weber established a World Record for parallel
bar dips by doing 75 in-a-row in 2008. Now, surpassing her own
records, the determined Alicia does 100 dip reps in-a-row and then she
flexes all her muscles beginning with a body scan up the leg making
stops at her abs, biceps, triceps, and back!! Her video begins with her in
a tight pant suit as she takes 5 minutes to do 100 reps of dips. THEN,
look out because she will go into a loose, sexy, short outfit and flex all
her very defined muscles for over 3 minutes!!
8 min 30 sec Flexing Video 1
Med Ball Muscle Mania with Alicia Weber
This video has EVERYTHING and does everything with
Med Balls - Pushups, Pullups, Ab Tests as a 10lbs med
ball flys at them & more!!  *  PLUS there's 3-minutes of
Bonus Bicep Flexing as World Record Weber sports her
new sexy outfit in a flexing video!
14 min 40 sec Med Ball Muscle Mania Video
15 min 50 sec Abs Video 1
Alicia's Abs Video 1
World Record Weber shows why she is the Sit Up World Record
Holder as she shows her 6-pack abs in FULL ACTION!  A continuous ab
routine over 6 minutes long followed by Close Up flexing and posing
and ending with L-Sit Rope Climbing!
Alicia Weber's Chat Video 1
Alicia Weber,  pleasing her fans, chatting and taking
flex requests in her first live chat.  Watch as she
performs some of her amazing strength feats live and
uneditted in a show recently recorded
19 min 25 sec Chat Video 1 (Webcam Quality)
Alicia Weber's Video Package 1
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See Alicia Weber's Muscle Character Aussie Amanda!
World Record Weber vs Wimpy Webmaster
in a test of strength challenge!
35 minute Strength Challenge Video (350MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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Bicep Pull-Down, Arm-to-Arm Tug of War, Armwrestling, Game of Mercy, Dip Bar challenge, Pushup Challenge, One-Legged Hop
Challenge, and a couple of Ab punches are all included in this first-ever strength challenge encounter between the Wimpy Webmaster
and the 50+ X World Record Holder in Strength Speed and Endurance Alicia Weber.  Wimpy gets so frustrated by the end, he even
tries to physically push Weber down - BIG MISTAKE as she winds up taking Wimpy down hard.  Thanks to Wimpy's special glasses,
the viewer is treated to a POV shot as the final scene.  Also lots of flexing throughout this video as Weber shows off her biceps which
have gotten HUGE over the last few months!!
Alicia Weber's World Records Video 2
4 Videos Total with over 1 hour of strength feats and flexing!!
Watch World Record Weber raise the bar in pullups and become the 1st person to break a stand alone
endurance pullup world record, while adding another exercise in the SAME TIME (30 mins)!  Then, Watch her
set 4 world records in rope climbing followed by 1 leg hopping 100m dash and 3 medicine ball pushups.  
BONUS:  Lots of close up sexy bicep flexing between world records + 1 Rare Strength Feat!
EXTRA BONUS:  Watch World Record Weber in TWO Challenging weighted pushup workouts
where she does 100 consecutive pushups with 40lbs Extra and KEEPS GOING and finishes
with some very sexy and sweaty bicep flexing!!  
4 Videos Total with over 1 hour of strength feats and flexing!!
8 min 30 sec World Records and 1 Rare strength feat and a lot of bicep flexing video
35 min 45 sec pullup world record with squats and bicep flexing video
10 min and 37 sec 40lbs Extra Pushup Workout video
10 min and 30 sec 9 Variations of weighted Pushups with 40lbs Extra video
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5 Video Links and Over 2 HOURS OF EXTREME STRENGTH!!
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World Record Weber sets 5 extreme world records in a week and they are ALL HERE!  A total of 4 pullup/chinup
world records set within 18 minutes!  She becomes the first person to set a world record in a class by itself
1,020 CONSECUTIVE pushups and 826 mtn. Climbers ALL in 1 hour - holding the plank for a full hour!  Then, 30 min
3 med ball pushup extreme workout.  FINALLY, what fans have been waiting for ONE HAND TRIPLE APPLE CRUSH
FOR TIME, WHILE DOING A 1 ARM FLEXED HANG!!  Fans call this thrilling and mesmerizing to watch!!
Bonus:  World Record Weber Picture Gallery Slideshow of her Muscles after setting World Records!!
World Record Weber's Apple Crush and Extreme
Strength Video Package
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Video Flexing: 7:55 - Flexing Photo Gallery 1:53
Total Time: 9:47 (mp4 format)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
This video shows incredible close-up flexing of the World’s Most Prolific Female Record Setter with astounding
scenery and sounds of the ocean. Weber demonstrates Super-Human Strength in her front levers and one arm
one leg pushups as the camera zooms in and shows different angles of the exercise. See what happens when
Weber encounters dangerous ocean animals just a few feet away!! Bicep flexing takes place on shoreline of
Kauai, on top of Napali Coast (Grand Canyon of the Pacific), Kalalau Trail (ranked in Top 10 Best Trails in World),
and on Wailua Beach. A MUST SEE for front lever and bicep flexing fans!!
World Record Weber Bicep Flexing in Kauai - Hi Res
World Record Weber New Year Peak Show: 2018 Bicep
Flexing on Mountains and Armwrestling
in Hi-Res
Bicep flexing on mountains, flexing in tight sleeves, man testing World Record Weber's
bicep size and hardness, and man armwrestling World Record Weber are top features in
show. Take a visit on a Date Farm and Red Rock Canyon and see breathtaking flexing and
new exercise moves for the new year by World Record Weber.
11 min 30 sec Video (mp4 format)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
World Record Weber Extreme Strength in South Lake Tahoe in Hi Res
12 minute Hi Res Video (mp4 format)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
World Record Weber begins the show with one minute of extreme strength feats including one arm chin-ups, one arm pull-ups,
front levers, and one arm front lever - all from a tree branch! Then, she goes into planche progressions and her first planche!
The excitement continues for the second minute in an action-packed photo gallery of close-up muscle flexing shots. Then,
World Record Weber slips into a hot tub in her red, white, and blue bathing suit to talk about her world record setting and sport
career as well as her publication of her third book on wellness. She talks tough as she shows off her hard body with massive
close flexing...back, abs, biceps, and triceps. She gives the hard facts about the 1000+ world records she has set over the past
A never before heard or seen video with the Legendary World Record Weber. THE FIRST TIME,
she reveals what makes her tick and keys to success in causing males to surrender to her
strength. Hear the true stories and then be mesmerized in her strength feats. Watch her perform
hard moves ranked in the Top 20 Toughest exercises in Street Workout. Escape in her close up
back and bicep flexing. Then, watch her stretch the tape and measure her biceps.
23 minute Video (2 part video in mp4 format)
$12.95 (Special Low Price!)
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2018 Holiday Escape in Alicia's Extreme Strength
(23 minute 2 part video specially priced!)
Alicia makes a surprise appearance at a fitness expo. It's been a while since she saw the Webmaster but it's
obvious by her fit appearance that she's kept her muscle, strength and most notably her biceps in terrific
shape!! She's ready to have fun doing her favorite athletic activities and she wastes no time experiencing all the
expo has to offer. She immediately gets into the action by breaking the women's record in a PULL-UP contest,
then runs an OBSTACLE COURSE with a very impressive time. After intimidating the Webmaster with a BICEP
COMPARISON and sttill full of energy, she takes on his Re-Certification challenge which includes
ARM-WRESTLING going: Righty, Lefty and his Two Hands against her One hand and she puts him down each time
with the greatest of ease!! Her energy and fitness show don't stop there as her biceps don't budge during BICEP
PULLDOWN and MERCY!! Alicia's Biceps are truly impressive along with her six-pack ABS which took a good
PUNCHING like a real champ!! She flexes proudly for all the fans to admire as she enjoys another victory!!
18 min 43 sec Video (748MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Alicia Weber Re-Certification: Orlando Fitness Expo 2019
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