Welcome to Athletic Alisa's Page!
Hi, I'm Alisa and I'm very strong and athletic. My passion is track and field.  I
was discovered coming out of Starbucks as the webmaster of this site was
very impressed with my athletic and muscular physique.  I passed the Tryout
with flying colors and I look forward to showing off more of my athleticism and
strength for you guys!
Alisa's Tryout and Flexing Videos
(Armwrestling, Mercy, Lift/Carry, Abs Punching, Flexing, Bicep Pull-down, and more!)
The wimpy webmaster couldn't believe his luck when he approaches a beautifully athletically built girl leaving
Starbucks who agrees to do a Tryout for VideoTeasing. They go to the park where Wimpy puts Alisa through all
the strength tests to see how strong she really is. She just laughs throughout as she first beats Wimpy in
Armwrestling,  then takes his best punches to her Abs, and then piggybacks him before finally humiliating him in
a game of Mercy.  Alisa is then nice enough to hang around and flex and pose for her new fans!
15 min 27 sec Tryout Video
5 min 47 sec Flexing Video
in HD
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NEW! - Alisa's Lift and Carry Video 1 in Hi-Res
So impressed with her Lift and Carry skills from the VideoTeasing Tryout video, the webmaster
invites Alisa back to do a whole lot more and she does not disappoint.  With a smile throughout,
she walks around and squats the 175 pound webmaster while he's on her back and shoulders.  
She does piggyback, back-to-back, over-the-shoulder, firemans, cradle, and leg press all with
amazing ease.  And she even manages to flash those impressive biceps during it too!
12 min 49 sec Lift and Carry Video 1
Link to video will be IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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