Welcome to Allegra's Page!
Hi, I'm Allegra. I was innocently doing my laundry at a hotel when the Webmaster
approached me. He said he wanted to give me a chance to be on his site and I'm so
glad he introduced me to VideoTeasing. I felt kind of bad that I humiliated the
Webmaster by proving that a feminine woman such as myself can be stronger than a
man but it proved that I deserved to be a model on this site.  I've always been proud
of my physique and now I have the opportunity to show it off for my new fans.
Allegra's Tryout Video
The Webmaster stumbles upon the beautiful Allegra who's staying at his hotel. She's obviously a perfect candidate for the site and he offers
her a tryout. Allegra is excited to show the Webmaster that not only is she sexy but strong as well. Watch how Allegra handles her tryout like
a pro. She ARMWRESTLES the webmaster while wearing her sexy outfit, and proves how strong her biceps are!!  She can't help but feel sorry
for him. The BICEP PULLDOWN challenge is no problem for Allegra and the Wimpy Webmaster is in disbelief that this sexy woman is so
strong! The game of MERCY turns out to be a bad idea......for Wimpy that is. Allegra passes her tests with flying colors. She's proud to flex and
pose especially while wearing her spiked high heels. Although Allegra did great during her tryout, the Webmaster wants to test her leg
strength to be certain she's VT model material. Allegra is happy to oblige with the Webmaster's requests. She lifts the webmaster, who's
double her size, with her feet! Watch how she sealed the deal earning herself a position as a VT model  by head & body SCISSORING the
wimpy webmaster with her powerful quads. The Webmaster was amazed with this beauty's strength and you will be too!!

SPECIAL NOTE:  Allgera does this video wearing Sheer Pantyhose as we have gotten many requests for that!
25 min 12 sec Tryout Video
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NEW! - Allegra's Bikini Armwrestling and Flexing Video
The Wimpy Webmaster was humiliated and still couldn't believe he lost their last Armwrestling match to Allegra in her Tryout
video. Trying to gain his ego back, he invites her over for a re-match.  Allegra puts on her armwrestling outfit, which only
makes matters worse for Wimpy. Poor Wimpy doesn't know when to give up. They Armwrestle right handed and then left
handed  but he ends up on the floor. Allegra feels bad for the Webmaster but he insists on a game of MERCY with her. She
was kind enough to offer her bicep to lift him up. Allegra feels so sorry for Wimpy so she offers to Armwrestle him one last
time but even using two arms doesn't help the Webmaster and he gives up (at least for now). Allegra FLEXES her body and
biceps. She's proud of her physique as she should be. As an added feature Allegra takes over the camera. Watch as she
flexes and poses in front of the mirror. She's proud of her physique and looking forward to doing more videos for her you.
11 min 27 sec  Video
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