NEW! - AllisonJerry's Tryout Video
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"The Real Heel"
Hi Guys, I'm Allison Jerry.....also known as "The Real Heel" and after my
tryout, I earned the name "The Real Deal"!! Sexy and strong go hand in
hand, which describe me and along with my outgoing personality, I'm the
perfect fit for this site. The Webmaster certainly can attest to this as he not
only experienced my true strength from head to toe, he also felt my power
when experiencing my strong legs during the Scissor portion of my tryout.
Yeah.....can you believe he doubted my strength? I'm so excited I proved
myself and can't wait to do more for all the new and loyal fans!!
26 min 27 sec video (1GB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Just another day of recruiting and the Webmaster discovers another amazing, muscle toned sexy woman!! Hard not to notice a
woman doing hand stands on a person!! Yes, she really was discovered by the Webmaster that way!! She may look strong and
certainly confident and sexy, but there are no exceptions and everyone must pass a tryout to be on the site. She's ready to
prove what she's got and more to the Webmaster and all the fans!! Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, ARMWRESTLING, (Righty, Lefty,
and him resorting to cheating, using TWO HANDS against her ONE HAND) GAME OF MERCY (as he struggles against her force)
and BICEP MERCY!! She sails through the LIFT and CARRY tests like a pro and has more fun as the tryout goes on!! The ABS
PUNCHING test proves she's made of steel and the only thing hurting ends up being the Webmaster's hand along with his
sense of pride. The Webmaster puts himself at risk without even knowing it as he asks her to do the SCISSOR tests as a final
show of her strength!! She squeezes his body and then neck with such pressure that he can't help but beg to be released
while she ignores his plea to be set free!!  Includes: BONUS footage of SCALE SQUEEZING and REAL SCISSORING to see how
much pressure the Webmaster can really handle in preparation of her tryout video. You think he could take it for real? Be sure
to watch this incredible video and you'll certainly see why Allison Jerry is "The Real Deal AKA the Real Heel"!!
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