Welcome to Anastasia's Page!
Hi, I'm Anastasia. I'm an energetic woman and just love showing off
my fit and feminine physique proving that girls can have it all and
more!! I had a blast during my tryout and can't wait to do more
videos for all my fans. If you like what you see, be sure to tell the
webmaster to invite me back to do more. I hope to quickly be a fan
favorite on the site.
A blonde beauty shows up for open auditions ready to tryout for VideoTeasing. Doubtful of her strength at first, the webmaster
gives her a fair chance. He quickly loses his tongue when she changes into her very sexy bikini to take on any challenge
thrown her way. Includes: ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty and his TWO Hands against her hand) She weakens him using her
sexiness to distract and take him down as her secret biceps pop out leaving him shocked and humiliated. Also includes:
BICEP PULLDOWN and MERCY as she brings him to his knees all while wearing her sexy bikini and heels. She also shows her
ABS can take any punch thrown her way which certainly earns her points to making the site. She throws in an unexpected PEC
FLEXING distraction technique which makes the webmaster's jaw hit the floor!! Her legs are strong also as she shows off Lifts
including: LEG PRESS, PIGGY BACK and BACK-TO-BACK PIGGY BACK. Also includes: DUMBBELL CURLING contest.  As her last
test, the webmaster leaves it up to Anastasia to show off her expertise at scissoring. She quickly takes charge and puts him in
a HEAD and REVERSE HEAD SCISSOR HOLD. Even out of breath, he's not convinced she's good enough for the site. She takes
matters intp her own legs and shows him who's boss by giving him another BODY SCISSOR and then HEAD SCISSOR which
leads him to dreamland. Welcome to VideoTeasing Anastasia, you surely earned it!!
Anastasia's Bikini Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Lift and Carry, Scissoring, and more!)
33 min  13 sec Video
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Prior to her tryout video, the Webmaster gauges Anastasia's true
strength and abilities. He takes her through the preparation and
instruction which includes: BICEP FLEXING, ABS PUNCHING,
dynamometer), SCISSORING TEST (squeezing a scale with her
NEW! - Anastasia's Behind the Scenes
of the Tryout Video
NEW!  Anastasia's BTS Scissor Video
Anastasia is a scissor professional. Before her tryout, he tests her
strength to see how much he can take FOR REAL! She takes him
through the different holds including: HEAD, BODY, and  REVERSE.
She's certainly strong and ready to show it off.
NEW! -  Anastasia Scissors The Burglar Video
Awoken from her beauty sleep, Anastasia takes matters in her own "legs" when a would-be burglar attempts to rob
her. He quickly learns he made a big mistake as she teaches him a lesson he will never forget. She thwarts his bad
intentions by subduing and scissoring him between her legs in various ways. He feels the tight squeeze around
his body and neck and struggles to be set free. He begs for mercy but his cries go ignored as he waits for the
police to save him from this sexy strong woman. Watch how he painfully learned his lesson as Anastasia shows off
her amazing scissoring strength.

Includes outtake where Anastasia gets a bit carried away and punches him for REAL!! Was too good to edit out!!
 NEW! -  Anastasia's Behind the Scenes and Scissor Video Package
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5 min 5 sec Video
10 min 10 sec Video
6 min 51 sec Video
NEW! - Anastasia's Behind the Scenes and Scissor Video Package
Get all 3 videos above for $19.95
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