Welcome to IFBB Pro Andrea's page!
Hi, I'm Andrea, an IFBB Pro bodybuilder/physique competitor. I recently took the title in
the figure competition and can't wait to enter more in the future. I work out hard and
know my dedication is worth it. I inspire myself and other women to push far and never
give up. I enjoy showing off my physique and this website is the perfect place for me
to do so. I'm sure you'll enjoy my audition and flexing videos and you'll see why the
webmaster is just as eager to meet me in the future as I am to kick his butt in a future
arm wrestling match!!
13 min 46 sec Video  (209MB) mp4 format
5 min 11 sec Video  (53MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
---Interview Audition--
Andrea graces the VideoTeasing stage as she introduces herself to the webmaster and all the fans!! It's clear why she's a pro
bodybuilder as she shows off and flexes her biceps which steal the show!! She's proud and confident and can't help but laugh
at the idea of the webmaster's request for a future arm wrestling challenge competition. She's the entire package which includes
her winning physique from head to toe which is evident as she flexes and poses showing off her strong quads which
impressively pop out like boulders with each pose!! Hopefully the webmaster will be able to meet her and experience her
strength in person but in the meantime Andrea impresses across the virtual screen, reaching out to all the fans who will surely
agree she's perfect for the site and an awesome addition to the site!

---selfie flexing video--
Enjoy Andrea's selfie flexing video which just may leave you speechless!! Watch as she poses her rock solid bodybuilder
physique, highlighting her amazing popping, solid and strong BICEPS!! Her muscle definition is like no other and up there with
the best female bodybuilder's on the site!! We're so lucky we connected with her and able to bring this strong muscle beauty for
all the fans to admire!!
NEW! - Andrea's Interview Audition and Selfie Bicep Flexing Videos
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