Welcome to the page of Angeles Arms!
Hi, I'm Angeles. I'm a national level figure competitor. I've been training for many years
and I'm proud to say that I'm in peak condition. The Webmaster discovered me at the
NPC Nationals. I have to say that I admire all the models on the site but I'm certainly
more muscular than the others while also maintaining a very feminine appearance. My
biceps and physique always attract a lot of attention. I always have men & women come
up to me asking how I've grown my body. I'm proof that a Woman can be strong and
proud while being feminine at the same time. I hope to make many videos for my fans.
Stay tuned and watch how I showed the Webmaster who's the boss.
NEW! - Angeles Flex and Armwrestle Video
It was the Webmaster's lucky day. He ran into Angeles, an NPC figure competitor. She's certainly in great condition.
Not only are her biceps muscular and cut, but they're split too proving she's a serious elite figure competitor. The
Webmaster challenges her to an ArmWrestling match and she thinks it's a joke. She knows she can handle him but
she goes along with the match to prove her point that muscles, don't just grow on trees. The Webmaster is
embarrassed as he keeps losing (even at one point he used 2 hands against just 2 of her fingers!!). She admits she
always has fun beating the boys and really hurts his ego calling his biceps "cute". The BICEP PULLDOWN test is only
a challenge for the Webmaster as Angeles' Biceps are rock solid! The Webmaster comes to his senses and admits
Angeles is just too powerful for him. Included behind the scenes footage: Angeles proves she's strong for real. Watch
as Angeles impresses the Webmaster with her muscular and feminine physique....she'll certainly impress you too.
19 min 40 sec Flex and Armwrestle  Video
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