Welcome to Amazing Ari's Page!
Hi friends, I'm Ari from the U.K. Where I come from, being a
strong female is common as we're expected to keep up with the
men in the countryside. Being strong has helped me
tremendously and I'm proud to show off my strength and muscle.
Coming to the U.S.A. on holiday has been a lot of fun. I've met
many fascinating people and especially found the Webmaster to
be very interesting indeed. Hope to make it across the pond
again one day soon and to do more videos for you to enjoy.  
Cheerio until next time to the fans all over the world.
NEW! - Amazing Ari's Lift & Carry Video
w/Armwrestling and Mercy Bonus!
After a long weekend of recruiting, the webmaster finds a woman who dedicates her life to being strong
and happy to take on any strength challenge that is brought to her. Ari's specialty is LIFTING and
CARRYING which is evident as she lifts the webmaster several ways including: PIGGY BACK,
her strength by HEAD SCISSORING the webmaster showing him that she's got unlimited strength and
energy even after the webmaster loses all of his!! As a special BONUS, Ari takes the webmaster on in an
ARMWRESTLING match that proves she's the real deal when it comes to featuring strong, confident
women on the site. Righty, Lefty and against his two hands and removes his last bit of strength as she
takes him down during a game of MERCY! Ari proves she's got it all!! Watch this strong, outgoing woman
show us the true meaning of being proud and confident and giving it all you got while having fun!!
14 min 18 sec Video (558MB)
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