Welcome to Ava Simone's Page!
Hi,I'm Ava Simone. As soon as my friend, Megan Jones told
me about VideoTeasing, I just knew that I wanted to be a
model on the site. I love having fun and showing off my
strength is a great way to do so. I'm always asked by the
guys if I'm strong for real but funny as whenever I ask them
if they'd like to find out for themselves, they quickly take my
word for it. I had a great time working with the Webmaster
and I hope all the fans will enjoy my videos. Certainly
looking forward to doing more for the fans.
Ava Simone's Tryout Video (w/Megan Jones)
We're introduced to Ava Simone by her friend and a very popular, hot model of the site, Megan Jones. Megan knows
exactly what the Webmaster looks for when recruiting models for the site. Ava Simone surely fits the bill and more!! From
the start she impresses with her physique, especially her amazing, rock-hard  biceps and calves which truly steal the
show!! It's obvious she's incredible and she will certainly impress you as much as she did the webmaster during her tryout
while being accompanied by Megan . Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, BICEP STRAIGHT-OUT (a new test where the Webmaster
tries to pull her Bicep from flexed to un-flexed), MERCY and ABS PUNCHING, DUMBELL CURLING, all highlighting her
amazing physique and strength. She shines during the ARM-WRESTLING tests where they go Righty, Lefty and even his
entire hand against her TWO-Fingers!! She drains his energy along with his pride as she takes him down!  Next, she truly
impresses during the LIFT & CARRY tests. She Lifts Megan and full of endless energy, she then lifts the Webmaster also!!
shoulders and carries her with the greatest of ease....certainly a feat of strength for all to admire! Ava Simone is truly
strong from head to toe and as a grand finale of her strength, she Body and Head SCISSORS the Webmaster with her
strong, sexy legs until his weak body gives out as she undoubtedly earns herself a well-deserved place on the site.  
30 minute Video (1.18GB)
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