Welcome to Bailey's Page!
My name is Bailey and I'm not your average girl next door. I like to think of
myself as an independent strong woman who's proud to show off my feminine
physique. It was fun lifting and carrying the webmaster and of course teasing
him and making him weak with my special moves. Strength comes from many
places and mine comes from my attitude and a touch of sex appeal. A woman
shouldn't hide her best qualities, she should be confident to show off what
she's got. Go ahead ladies....show those men who's boss!
Bailey's Tryout Video
(Includes Bicep Pulldown, Lift & Carry, Armwrestling, Game of Mercy, HeadScissor and more!)
The webmaster is in for a surprise while holding open auditions. He meets Bailey, a lady with a large pair of assets. He agrees to
give her a tryout but it turns out her voluptuous figure is a constant distraction for him. They start with the BICEP PULLDOWN
challenge and whether from strength or distraction, she passes like a pro. She handles the ARMWRESTLING challenge with ease
and poor wimpy goes down RIGHTY, LEFTY, and even TWO-HANDED leaving wimpy speechless!  Bailey knows where her strength
lies and she's not shy about using her powers to pass the test!  She sails through the game of MERCY while wearing high
heels...she certainly knows her way to a passing grade! Bailey's distraction techniques may have worked so far, but she proves
she's strong for real as she passes the LIFT & CARRY tests with ease. Lifts include: LEG PRESS, PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK,
CRADLE and DONKEY CALF RAISES. The webmaster is very impressed with Bailey and puts her through the SCISSOR test. She
warns him her legs are monster strong but he doesn't heed her warning. She puts him in a headlock and takes him down,
squeezing him with her strong quads. There's no time to change your mind webmaster...you asked for it now you got it!!  
27 minute Tryout Video
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The webmaster invites Baily back believing he’s better prepared this time to beat
her in armwrestling. A problem immediately arises as Baileys sexy distracting
outfit doesn’t allow him to focus at all! He quickly gets weak as his eyes wander to
her heaving chest! He tries righty, and lefty but he can’t gather the strength to put
her down. She knows his weakness and uses this to her advantage. She teases
and distracts him by pulling her zipper up and down as he catches a glimpse of her
cleavage leaving him speechless and out of breath! She gives him the advantage of
allowing him to use both hands, but the only thing that will help him now is a
blindfold! Bailey and her triple D’s claim victory again!!
Bailey puts on a tease show for her fans. She’s glad you joined her and she’s
proud to show off her physique. Her outfit, along with her high heels
highlights her legs and chest which are certainly sexy. She knows you can’t
resist looking as she shakes her big booty. Things heat up and she lowers
her zipper and reveals her cleavage to cool down. You like it and she knows
it. She certainly loves to tease and if you’re lucky, she’ll tease you until you
can’t take it anymore!! Go ahead and worship this strong sexy amazon….
From head to toe, she’s every man’s fantasy and more!
NEW! - Bailey's Armwrestling Video
NEW! - Bailey's Tease Video
5 min 47 sec Armwrestling Video
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9 min 51 sec Tease Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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