Welcome to Bella Ink's Page!
Hi, I'm the World Famous Model BellaInk.  The Wimpy Webmaster
was lucky enough to catch me working out in the gym.  After he
stopped drooling over my body, he was then unlucky enough to feel
the power of my body before I knocked him out with my legs!
17 min 23 sec Mini-Tryout Video
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NEW! - BellaInk's MiniTryout Video
(with Bicep Pulldown, Abs Punching, Armwrestling, and Scissorholds!)
The Wimpy Webmaster walks into a hotel gym to find a Hot Busty Blonde working out in red high heels. Very flustered, he
approaches her to ask if she would like to be a model on his site. He then gives her a mini-tryout right there in the gym which
includes his  armwrestling, abs punching, bicep pulldown, and scissorhold tests. You can tell she really enjoyed humiliating poor
Wimpy in all his strength challenges and she clinched her spot on VideoTeasing when she knocked him out with her legs right there
in the gym. (There is REAL Behind the Scenes Scissoring at the end of this video!)
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