Welcome to Beth's Page!
Hi, I'm Beth and I'm 57 years old and proud of it!  I'm experienced enough
to know what you guys like and how to drive men crazy with desire. I
enjoy the outdoors and this is where the Webmaster found me and told
me all about VideoTeasing. I'm excited to make new fans and look forward
to doing more videos.
NEW! - Beth's Flexing Audition Video w/Armwrestling
Beth catches the Webmaster's attention with her sexiness and nice figure. With a body like hers, it's
hard to believe she is 57 years young!! Her strong, confident attitude and great body draws him in while
her strong muscle keeps him down!! She shows her strength in arm wrestling as they go RIGHTY and
LEFTY where she shows him that age is just a number! Also includes BICEP PULLDOWN and BICEP
FLEXING while Beth shows off and admires her physique which she is surely proud of! Watch Beth's
Audition Flexing Video and you'll see that women with confident great attitudes with strength can be
found in every day places and not just at the gym.
10 minute Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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