Welcome to the page of Bethany the Body!
Hi, I'm Bethany and if you take one look at me in a bikini you'll
know why they call me "Bethany the Body"! I love showing off my
fit and firm body.  Unfortunately I tend to cause a few traffic
accidents when I walk down the street!!  When my friend told me
about VideoTeasing, I knew that I could be one of the models if
only I could convince the webmaster to give me a tryout.  Turned
out that wasn't much of a problem after he saw the body that was
underneath the conservative outfit I showed up to his studio in.
Bethany's Bikini Tryout Video
Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Mercy, Bicep Pull-down, Lift and
Carries, Scissoring, and more!
Bethany shows up at the Webmaster's studio asking for a VideoTeasing Tryout.  The wimpy webmaster is
a little hesitant at first until Bethany get changed into her bikini to reveal one of the most PERFECT BODIES
EVER SEEN with the perfect amount of MUSCLE!!  Speechless and in shock, Wimpy soon finds out that
Bethany is also as STRONG as she is SEXY as she totally dominates him in all his physical strength
challenges which includes ARMWRESTLING (she totally toys with him), MERCY, TUG OF WAR, ABS
PUNCHING (Wimpy has to ice his hand after punching her abs!) and LIFT AND CARRIES (which includes
Piggyback, Back-to-back Piggyback, Cradle like a baby, Firemans Carry, Leg Press).  But the end for Wimpy
comes when Bethany shows off her Leg Strength by putting Wimpy out with a devastating HEAD-SCISSOR
and to add to the humiliation she FLEXES HER BICEP and poses over his semi-conscious body!
35 minute Tryout Video
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--Free Bonus--
Bethany's Bikini Bicep
Flexing Video
Bethany flexes and shows off her amazing
body in this special Bikini Flexing Video
Some very sexy bicep kissing too!.
4 minute Flexing Video
FREE! (with purchase of Bethany's
Tryout Video)
Bethany's Bikini Armwrestling Fantasy Video
21 minute Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Bethany's body is sooo distracting in her bikini, the wimpy webmaster has to put on
blinders at one point in the video in order to concentrate on the armwrestling match.  
But of course it does no good as Bethany easily and repeatedly overpowers poor
Wimpy by taking him down in almost every way and position imaginable.  Sitting,
Standing, Kneeling, Laying down, Bethany using 2 fingers, Wimpy using 2 arms, even
Wimpy using his whole body does him no good. Humiliated and  Exhausted at the
end, Wimpy is carried away to bed by this Strong Buxom Beauty!
Bethany's Lift and Carry Video
Bethany show us that she has gotten even stronger since her
VideoTeasing Tryout as she shows all the different ways she can Lift and
Carry the 6 foot 175 pound webmaster.  Piggyback, Back to Back Piggy,
Cradle, Over the Shoulder, Firemans, Leg Press - all done with incredible
ease.  She even flexes and poses between (and during) the lifts showing
off her incredibly sexy and muscular physique
12 min 24 sec Lift and Carry Video
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18 min 41 sec Scissor Video
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12 minute Abs Video
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Bethany's  Scissor Video
Bethany's Abs Punching Video
It was supposed to be a fantasy scissor video with just a little behind the scenes at  the
beginning, but it became obvious real quick that Bethany wanted to really learn different
scissoring holds and techniques and it turned out the head and body squeezes she was
applying were devastating.  She was so strong in fact, the webmaster was tapping out
FOR REAL!   Bethany really enjoyed doing this video so much that she said she is
actually considering doing live scissor sessions!
Bethany shows off an asset of hers that can easily be overlooked - her flat
rock-hard abs.  In this video she first does some crunches on the floor to
show how she works them out before inviting the wimpy webmaster to
punch her as hard as he can over and over again.  As she laughs, Wimpy
cant believe he's not even making a dent.  He even tries with a baking dish
and a baseball bat - but the only one who wears out is Wimpy!
8 minute Custom Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Bethany's Stare-at-Me Video
Let Bethany give us the pleasure and honor of staring at her perfect body
while she texts her friend.  If she feels in a giving mood, let her reward us
with a few flexes and pec bounces at the end.
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Bethany's Return to VideoTeasing Video!
After a long awaited return to VT, Bethany is fit and sexier than ever!!! Bethany takes the Webmaster’s breath away
with her cut biceps and sex appeal. She deems him speechless while flexing her chest muscles!!!  Bethany takes over
the camera with lots of FLEXING and POSING while the Webmaster recovers his senses. She loves to entertain her fans
and it truly shows. The Webmaster wants to be sure Bethany is still up to VT standards so he puts her through a few
tests. It Turns out Bethany has been keeping strong and fit in her absence and she is confident to take on the
PUNCHING. After being put through all the Webmaster’s tests, Bethany insists on one more challenge….SCISSORING
the Webmaster!! Watch to see if he was able to escape being trapped between her strong and muscular thighs!!
22 min 11 sec Bethany's Return to VT Video
Link to video will be IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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