Welcome to the page of Bettie Heart!
Hi guys, I'm Bettie Heart. I'm super excited to have you join me
as I build my physique. My goal is to compete in a fitness
contest in the future and I'm extremely motivated to get on that
stage!! I've got the foundation with my defined biceps and
strong legs and with just a little muscle work and dedication, I
know I can get there. I'm looking forward to have you cheering
me on and can't wait to do more videos for the fans.
NEW! - Bettie Heart's Audition Video
Meet Bettie Heart....she's the definition of strong and confident!! She's proud of her physique
and shows off and highlights her strong biceps, muscular legs (which can certainly scissor
anyone who dares put themselves between their strong grip), defined calves and tight
glutes!!  She's training to enter her first fitness contest in the physique division. She's serious
about her workout but she also has a fun, sexy side which you'll certainly love!! This is her first
video and she's excited to show off her progress as she gets ready for the stage. Watch Bettie
Heart's intro video and show her your support to be sure she's invited back by the webmaster
to further wow you with future awesome videos for her fans.   
8 minute video (142MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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