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BiancaBlance's Tryout Video
From the moment he interviewed her, Wimpy knew he had to have BiancaBlance on VideoTeasing!  He already
heard about her reputation of knocking guys out for real with her incredible leg scissors but when he met her in
person, her beauty, muscle, and super-strength totally blew Wimpy away.  Video opens up with a little behind the
scenes, before they go into BiancaBlance's first "test" which was armwrestling. She seemed rather amused by
Wimpy's feeble attempts to take her down while showing off her bulging biceps.  Next up was the bicep pulldown
test but it turned into how many pullups could Wimpy do using BiancaBlance's biceps as a pullup bar.  The abs test
didn't go much better for Wimpy as BiancaBlance showed her abs of steel could take any punch Wimpy had to
offer.  At this point Wimpy was willing to give BiancaBlance the VT seal of approval however BiancaBlance was still
eager to show off her famous devastating head and body scissorholds.  Wimpy begged not to be knocked out but
she scissored him enough for him to get a sense of her bone-crushing power.  

Wimpy was left in such a state after this Tryout video that he totally forgot to do the Lift and Carries.  He had to go
back the next day to hotel by the airport to catch BiancaBlance before she went back home to Italy to film the Lift
and Carry tests as a separate video.  Piggyback, Back to back Piggyback, Over the Shoulder, Firemans Carry,
Cradle, and Deadlift all done with ease!  Even spinning the 180 pound Wimpy around in a few of the lifts!
BiancaBlance turned out to be one of the most fun, energetic , and strongest woman Wimpy has seen in a long time!
34 min 12 sec Tryout Video (1.26GB) mp4 format
10 min 46 sec Lift/Carry Video (418MB) mp4 format
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Hello everyone, my name is BiancaBlance. Iím the female Italian stallion!  Iím able to
wrestle and dominate you and make you beg for mercy! Iím beautiful, strong and
My specialties are:  overpowering men, domination wrestling,  scissorholds,
competitive strength challenges, lift & carry, muscle worship, flexing/posing, and
role-playing whatever you want me to be.

Did the Wimpy man really think he had a chance against me with his little "tests"?  I
was built for his site and after taking his "Tryout", I think he now knows that too!
BiancaBlance's Lift and Carry Video
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BiancaBlance surprises us with a return virtual visit. She catches us all up on her
travel schedule and flexes, kisses, and licks her amazing and strong biceps for all to
admire and worship! Her sexy and strong physique and fun, outgoing energy comes
right through the screen!! Watch as she leaves the Webmaster completely
speechless as so will she leave you from the moment you lay eyes on her!
NEW! - BiancaBlance's Interview, Flex, and Worship Video
6 min 36 sec Video (92MB)
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