Welcome to BiancaLove's Page!
I'm Bianca Love. I'm a dancer and I love flexing my biceps and making
them pop for my fans. I have a lot of energy and am a fun person to hang
out with. I practice my moves on the pole every day which keeps me in
tip top shape!  Everyone is always amazed at my strength as I'm able to
hold myself upside down by using my core and biceps. This site is
perfect for me to express the confident woman that I am
NEW! - BiancaLove's Audition Flexing Video
BiancaLove submitted her Audition Video to VT Headquarters. She flexes her biceps
with much repetition. True bicep fans will certainly appreciate the amazing effort she
puts out to make the site. Without doubt, her biceps can really pop and the look she
gives as she strokes, kisses, and licks her biceps is second to none!
9 min 45 sec Audition Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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