Welcome to Bobbi and Claire's Page!
Hi fans, we're best friends and we love having fun! One of our favorite
things to do is work out and build our biceps and bodies. We had a
great time flexing our guns and showing off our muscle and strength.
We know you'll enjoy watching our videos as much as we enjoyed
working with the webmaster. Join us and see what a blast we had.
Best friend beauties, Bobbi and Claire are a real fun duo. Not only do they have great biceps and physiques
but they make showing it off a lot of fun. Watch them flex their biceps which are truly amazing along with
showing they're true strength including: Bicep Pull-down and Game Of Mercy. At his request, they take the
webmaster on in ARM WRESTLING also. First, Claire takes him on and as if he wasn't humiliated enough,
Bobbi takes him down also!! The girls prove their biceps are incredibly strong. They also show off their overall
strength by doing LIFT & CARRIES including: Girl-Girl: Cradle, Straight Up, Piggy-Back, and Back-To-Back.
The girls show more incredible strength by picking up the 180 pound webmaster Straight Up!! As a last
attempt to gain back his manliness, the webmaster challenges both girls to take him on in arm wrestling at the
SAME TIME but their strength simply is too much for him to take! Not wanting to put him through more of their
muscle abuse, they walk away with pride letting him recover all while  knowing they made the site!
NEW! - Bobbi and Claire Mini-Tryout Video
Bicep Pulldown, Mercy, Flexing & Posing, Lift & Carry AND Arm Wrestling!
20 minute  Video
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