Welcome to Brawny Bonita's Page!
Hi, I'm Bonita. I'm a confident woman and a perfect fit for this site. I'm Native
American from the Lumbee Tribe. Being physically fit has many advantages
and I'm proud to say that I'm proof that a woman can be just as strong or
stronger than a man. I was so happy that the Webmaster offered me a tryout.
He was shocked by my strength and you will be also. I hope to make many
more videos and to have many new fans.
Bonita's Tryout Video
(Includes Flexing, Bicep Pulldown, Lift & Carry, Abs Punching, Armwrestling, Game of Mercy,
Head and Body Scissor and more!)
The webmaster comes across a Bonita at his hotel. His curiosity peaks his interest and he offers her a tryout. From the moment
the tryout begins, Bonita proves that she is not only in top physical condition, but that she is strong also. To make it official, the
webmaster puts Bonita through his testing process.  Included: LIFTS: (PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK,CRADLE, OVER THE
SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, LEG PRESS,). The Webmaster then puts her through and ARM-WRESTLING challenge in which the only
one that's worn out at the end, is poor Wimpy. He should of known how strong her biceps were as soon as she flexed them.
Bonita feels sorry for him, and even her offer of a two finger match, doesn't give Wimpy any advantage.  The Webmaster
continues the tryout test and it doesn't help Wimpy's ego that she insists on doing the next set of test while wearing her spiked
red heels!  The BICEP PULLDOWN challenge and ABS challenges are a piece of cake for Bonita along with the game of MERCY. As
a final test, Wimpy tests Bonita's leg strength. First, the body SCISSOR test which just about makes Wimpy speechless and then
the head SCISSOR test which sealed the deal for Bonita to be a model on the site. Watch how Bonita proved that a woman can be
strong and sexy. You'll be just as impressed as the webmaster was.
Bonita's Lift and Carry Video
33 minute Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
19 minute Lift and Carry Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Bonita's back and stronger than ever!! Bonita impressed the fans during her tryout
video and she's excited to return to VT. This amazing lift video highlights her
strong powerful leg strength with LIFTS that include: fireman's, over the shoulder,
cradle, back-to-back, donkey calf raises piggy-back and leg press!  Bonita
performs the lifts while carrying and spinning the webmaster all around the room!!
She's having fun showing off her muscle growth but the webmaster's head is
spinning because Bonita can't seem stop showing off super strength with a smile!!
The webmaster was shocked at her amazing strength and you'll be too!!
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Bonita's Scissor the Burglar Video
14 minute Scissorhold Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
A burglar thought it was his lucky day when he breaks into Bonita’s place.
Bonita immediately takes control of the situation by subduing the thief by
lifting him across her shoulders and then by tiring him out by taking his
feeble punches to her mighty abs.  When he realized that he was going to
be the one in trouble, he tried getting away but to no avail as she pulled him
back and threw him between her legs. Squeezing his body between her
long strong muscular legs, Bonita pinned the burglar down as though he
were her prey. The burglar quickly realizes he's in bigger trouble than he
ever expected and begs for the police to come. She enjoys watching his
weak body wiggle between her legs as he begs for mercy. The thief ends up
seeing stars from Bonita's squeezes and wakes up to find this beautiful,
strong bikini-clad amazonian woman towering over his limp body. Bonita
surely taught this pathetic thief a lesson he will soon never forget as she
administered her own form of justice.
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NEW - Bonita's Legs Video
12 minute Legs Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Bonita is back in a bikini to show off her gorgeous strong legs.  First in heels and then
barefoot, Bonita knows what to do get us drooling.  A couple of Bicep Flexes too!
Simply watch and worship!
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