Welcome to the Booty Queen's page
Hi guys, I'm the Booty Queen. I'm extremely fit and do strenuous
workouts every day to keep my physique in the best shape
ever!! I'm most proud of my glutes (which have earned me my
name title). I can't keep from showing them off and staring at
them in the mirror myself so it would be a great compliment if
you purchase my videos and admire them too!!
NEW! - Booty Queen's Interview and Audition Video
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14 min 41 sec video (211MB)
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She calls herself the "Booty Queen" and she's happy and proud to show how she earned bragging rights to that name
title. She's a true beauty with defined muscle with the best booty ever!!
Her confidence is through the roof as she flexes her show-stopping glutes along with posing, and showing off her
amazing physique!! Her muscle control is impressive as she can flex each glute muscle independently. But equally as
impressive are her TOTALLY RIPPED ABS when she flexes! She's hot and she knows it!! She's also 100 percent confident
that once you begin to watch her video, you'll be hooked!!
Video begins with a short Zoom interview between the Booty Queen and the Webmaster who didn't believe that wasn't a
photo-shopped booty picture she submitted when she answered an ad to be on the site.  Well, seeing is believing!!
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