Welcome to Bree the Bicep Bully's Page!
Hi, I'm Bree. I'm energetic and spunky. The body part I'm most proud of
are my biceps which make me feel powerful and tough!
 I had a great time
meeting the Webmaster at the NPC Nationals and when I heard about his
site I knew I would fit right in.  I kind of enjoyed showing the webmaster
how much stronger I am than him!
NEW! - Bree's Mini-Tryout Video
(Bicep Flexing, Armwrestling, Mercy, Tug of War, and OTS lift)
The webmaster runs into sassy and energetic Bree. Her muscular Biceps tempt the Webmaster to test her strength.
He has no idea of his fate but she accepts the challenge. She handles  ArmWrestling like a pro. The Webmaster puts
Bree through the BICEP PULLDOWN challenge, but her biceps don't budge!! The Webmaster puts Bree through a
strength tryout including game of MERCY and arm-to arm TUG OF WAR. It's obvious that Bree is enjoying herself much
more than the poor webmaster. Bree's confidence is never ending and she's up for anything the Webmaster throws
her way. Bree shocks the Webmaster by showing off a bit of her LIFTING abilities. She surprises him by sweeping him
off his feet and spinning him around on her shoulder. Bree is certainly VT model quality. Hopefully the Webmaster is
willing to admit it or he may end up with more than a bruised ego.
20 minute mini-tryout Video
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