Welcome to the page of the Breathtakingly Beautiful Brenda Biceps!
Hi, I'm Brenda. You'd never expect a cute girl like me to have
the biceps that I have. I love shocking my guy friends at the
gym by flexing for them.  You should see the looks on their
faces when they see a muscle like that popping out of a girl
with my type of petite physique. I'd say my biceps are my most
impressive feature but I'm also proud of my abs and legs. . I'm
so glad to be on the site as I look forward to flexing for all the
fans I hope to get in the future.
Brenda's Bicep Flexing Audition and Interview Video
Brenda is excited about submitting her flexing audition video to the webmaster. She flexes her biceps, which are super impressive along
with her perfect physique. Brenda is eager to show how she keeps her body, including her Abs and Legs, which are  in peak physical
condition also! Brenda is full of energy and would love nothing more than to be a model on the site. After reviewing the video, the webmaster
realizes that, not since
Sexy Stefanie and Becky Biceps, has VideoTeasing seen such amazing biceps belonging to such a breathtakingly
beautiful girl! Brenda is very excited upon hearing that she made the site!! She shows a little of her workout routine by doing bicep curls and
flexing without ever losing energy or her smile. Brenda is excited about making future videos for the fans.
13 minute Audition Video
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