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Brenda Renee makes her first appearance, and immediately grabs the webmaster’s attention with her
unexpected voluptuous figure!! At first the webmaster doubts she as strong as she claims to be but she quickly
proves him wrong and leaves him eating his words. He puts her through the same tests that all the models have
to endure including: LIFT AND CARRY (Over -The Shoulder, Fireman’s, Piggy-Back, Back-To-Back, and Cradle!!)
BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY, ARM WRESTLING (where she shows off more of her amazing strength as they go
Righty, Lefty, and easily getting past the webmaster’s cheating when he uses two hands and offering only two
fingers against his entire hand!!)  Her muscle grows with each test leaving him even more speechless!! In her
final test, she puts his body in a SCISSORHOLD, which he finds himself waking up with Brenda Renne towering
over his limp body, celebrating her victory in making the site.
Hey everyone, I'm Brenda Renee. I'm a high-energy logger, rock
musician and female powerlifter. When I'm not at work cutting down
trees, I'm either on stage displaying incredible feats of strength or I'm
in the gym learning Krav Maga from my instructor Steven. My strength
and stamina are incomparable to any other model here. I'm living proof
that a girl can be as heavy as her music, and still be strong too! Doubt
it? I'll leave you in awe the same way I did the Webmaster.
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