Welcome to Buff Britt's Page
Hi, I'm Brittany but my friends call me Buff Britt for short.  I used
to be really into bodybuilding but when I got so big and so strong,
I became a little too intimidating to most men so I gave it a rest.  
But now thanks to this site I now realize how sexy a muscular
strong woman can be, so stay tuned as I am determined to get
even more buff than ever!
Britt's Tryout Video
Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Head Scissoring, Bicep Flexing, Mercy, and much more!!
31 min 30 sec Tryout Video
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The webmaster discovers a very attractive girl named Britt at McDonalds and offers her a Tryout for VideoTeasing.  What the wimpy webmaster did not realize was
just how strong she would be.  Britt shows up for her Tryout in a tight short mini-dress and heels and winds up throroughly destroying and humiliating Wimpy in
Armwrestling, Game of Mercy, Arm-to-Arm Tug of War, and Dumbell Curling (all done with some awesome bicep flexing sprinkled throughout).  She then really blows
him away showing how easily she is able to Lift and Carry him (Over the Shoulder, Piggyback, Cradle. Leg Press and more!).  Britt then administers the final blow when
she crushes poor Wimpy's head betwenn her Legs until he passes out!  This might be one of the strongest girls ever seen on this site.  
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Britt's Flexing and Interview Video
(with Bicep Measuring!)
After the popularity of Britt's Tryout video, we brought her back to flex some more in Hi-Res to really show off
those amazing biceps.  In addition, we also interviewed Britt to learn a little more about her.  Included in the
interview is a measuring of her right bicep - both flexed and unflexed and we learn what her goal is!
10 min 30 sec Flexing Video in Hi Res
8 minute Interview / Bicep Measuring Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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