Welcome to Brickhouse Brittany's Page!
Hi guys, I'm Brittany but everyone calls me Brickhouse Britt! I'm a figure
competitor and take my fitness seriously. I'm vegan and extremely
health conscious. I work out regularly but I also like to have fun doing
so. I've always been active and I even arm wrestled the guys all the time
in school. Didn't take them long to stop questioning my strength! I
really loved working with the webmaster and can't wait for all the fans
to see that I've got just what it takes to be part of the site.
The webmaster discovers Brickhouse Brittany during a fitness expo. She's competing in a figure competition and is
happy to take a little break from the show to show off her amazing physique to her new fans. From the start she does
competition poses which bring out her amazing biceps and just will make you say WOW!  She shows off her strength
doing a few tests including: bicep pulldown, game of mercy, arm wrestling: including: righty, lefty, two-fingers
against Wimpy's entire hand. She beats him with ease even when he resorts to cheating. She promises to return to
dead lift the webmaster in a future video as soon as she's recovered from being in competition mode. Caution...your
jaw will drop as you watch this amazing woman show off her beautiful and strong physique from head to toe!!!
Brittany's Flex, Pose & Armwrestle Video
17 minute  Video
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NEW! - Brittany's Tryout Video w/Behind the Scenes Extras
w/Arm Wrestling, Abs Punching, Bicep Pulldown, Mercy Lift and Carry, Scissoring and more!  
Brittany shows up at headquarters with a shockingly different look. She's bolder and ready to show off her amazing strength
and to prove she's got what it takes to be an official model on VideoTeasing. She's put to tests including: ArmWrestling (Righty
& Lefty) and she takes Wimpy down even with his cheating. She's full of energy as she passes her tests showing she's strong
indeed including: BICEP PULLDOWN CHALLENGE, and MERCY. Her BICEP POP is so impressive that the webmaster puts her
through a BICEP INSPECTION to be sure her biceps are real. He also does a CURLING CONTEST with her in which she completely
puts his strength to shame. No doubt her biceps are real and strong! She proves her legs and quads have amazing strength too
during the Lift & Carry portion of her tryout. She lifts the webmaster with ease including: PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK,
FIREMAN'S, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, CRADLE and a grand finale 185 pound DEAD LIFT!! She's the only one to do this incredible lift
besides our VideoTeasing model Jojo. Brittany proves her Abs are tough as rocks as she passes the ABS PUNCHING test like a
pro. Last but certainly not least, the webmaster tests her LEG STRENGTH. He gauges her quad strength with a quick scale
squeezing test which should of been a warning to him after she squeezed 140 pounds of pressure!! Next, she squeezes his
body. First a BODY SCISSOR which leaves him seeing stars and later a HEAD SCISSOR which leaves him dazed and confused
finding Brickhouse Brittany confidently celebrating her arrival to VideoTeasing over Wimpy's semi-conscious body.  

NOTE:   This video can be purchased with OR without the Behind the Scenes footage.
BTS Extras include Brittany being prepared for her Abs Test, determining which Lifts she would be able to do (all of them!), a
pre-scissorhold test to see if a "safe word" would be needed in the video and a 100% REAL armwrestling match between
Brittany and the Webmaster.
33 minute Tryout Video
10 minute Behind the Scenes Video
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33 minute Tryout Video
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