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NEW! - Cameron's Flexing Audition Video
Meet Cameron, sheís the perfect balance of femininity, muscle and strength! She submits her audition
video and itís evident from the start that sheís gorgeous and super fit from head to toe. She packs a lot
of muscle in her petite frame and surprises us all when she reveals her amazing physique as she poses
and flexes in her sexy bikini while highlighting her BICEPS, LEGS, ABS and more!! She talks about how
she loves putting guys on her back and being in full control! Arm-Wrestling and Full-Body Wrestling are
her most favorite things to and she warns not to even try to fight her because sheís confident youíll lose
each time!! She treats the fans to a flexing show that highlights her full-physique along with some nice
close-ups! This video gives you a little taste of hopefully whatís to come in the near future.
6 min 28 sec Video (171MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hi, Iím Cameron.  Iím  a fitness competitor and model who loves working
out. Iím sweet with a bit of an attitude that shows my confidence and grit.
Donít test me at the gym because Iíll certainly embarrass you. I Love
putting guys who think theyíre tougher and stronger than me in their place
as they quickly realize that Iím the real boss!! Iím ready to show my muscle
and strength to the fans.  I'm sure you'll enjoy my audition video and youíll
certainly love what you see the moment you lay eyes on me.
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