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36 minute 40 sec Tryout Video*
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36 minute 40 sec Tryout Video*
6 minute 15 sec Behind-the-Scenes of the Tryout Video**
6 minute 30 sec Bikini Flexing Video***
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*Tryout Video includes Armwrestling, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, Arm Tug of War, Abs Punching, Scissoring, Flexing, Lift/Carry (f/f piggyback, f/f cradle,    
  f/f leg press, f/m piggy, f/m leg press)

**Behind-the-Scenes video shows how the Webmaster preps Candy for the Flexing, Lift/Carry, Abs Punching segments of Tryout video.

***Bikini Flexing Video shows Candy Flexing/Posing alone and together with Amber
Welcome to Eye Candy's Page!
NEW! - Candy's Tryout Video w/Extras
Drop-dead gorgeous bikini model Candy takes the VideoTeasing Strength Tryout as
Amber records the action and even gets into a couple of scenes with her friend.  No
words can describe how hot Candy is and what she does to poor Wimpy in this
video (but you can see the footnotes at the bottom of this page to get an idea.)

NOTE:  This video can be purchased with OR without the Behind the Scenes footage
AND the Bikini Flexing videos
Hi, I'm Amber's friend Candy and I'm a professional Bikini Fitness Model who
works out twice a day every day! I am totally fit and toned all over but I think
my quads are my strongest feature as the Wimpy Webmaster found out
when his head got crushed by them!  After seeing my Strength Tryout
video, I think you will agree with me when I say that I am more than just a
pretty blonde with an amazingly hot body!!