Welcome to Cut Carla's Page!
Hi guys. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Carla. I didn't look so
muscular and fit my entire life. I discovered that with a little work (ok....a lot of
work) I can build my body to it's peak condition. I'd say I'm proudest of my
biceps and the rest of my physique is something I'm proud of also. Watch how I
proved to the webmaster, that a woman can be sexy, strong and confident at
the same time. Sorry I embarrassed you webmaster but I warned you that I was
strong. Come see how quickly I convinced the Webmaster that I was perfect
for the site....you'll think twice about questioning a woman's strength.
13 minute Armwrestling/Flexing Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Carla impressed the Webmaster by winning the Female pullup contest at a fitness expo. He knew her biceps were strong enough to handle
the pullup contest but he was curious to know if her biceps could handle the Wimpy Webmaster. She first shows off how fit her biceps are by
flexing them. The webmaster knew he may of been in over his head as soon as Carla begins to flex and show off her cut biceps that look too
good to be true. Carla is glad to prove to the Webmaster that not only are her biceps good enough to be on the site, but that she's strong
enough to show that a woman can be strong, sexy and confident. The Webmaster armwrestles Carla which quickly turns out to be a huge
mistake for poor Wimpy. She easily puts him down and while he's suffering in pain and feeling humiliated - she's smiling and appears to be
having a great time. Carla gives the Webmaster one last chance to gain his manhood back by offering her two fingers to Wimpy's hand but he
can't handle it and even cheats by using  both hands! Carla easily passes the other tests including: BICEP PULLDOWN and GAME OF MERCY.
Carla quickly proves that she's perfect for the site and knows that she'll make many new fans as soon as they watch this amazing video!
Carla's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
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