Welcome to Carolla's Page!
Hi, I'm Carolla. Originally from Puerto Rico, I'm a strong confident woman
with a great sense of pride in who I am and what I do. I'm a Bikini Pro and
simply love every minute I spend building my body the healthy way. I met
a lot of people during this years pro show in Tampa but none as
interesting as the wimpy webmaster. I love how he puts a fun spin on
women showing off their strength and muscle because I also believe that
if you can't have fun doing something, then it's simply not worth doing. I
had a great time hanging out with him and showing off my physique,
strength and personality. Looking forward to working with him more and
for making great videos for the fans to enjoy.
NEW! - Carolla's Bikini Flex and Armwrestle Video in Hi-Res
w/Mercy, Bicep Pulldown, Dumbell Curling, and more!
The webmaster's jaw drops when he finds Carolla working out in the hotel gym where the Tampa Pro Show is
being held and knows a woman with her muscle and physique, working out in her bikini and high heels has a
great fun attitude and turns out he's right. She's excited to work with him and to show off her strength in
many different ways: DUMBBELL CURLING, BICEP PULLDOWN, ARMWRESTLING, and  MERCY. She doesn't
stop there and shows off her amazing ABS, QUADS and CALF MUSCLES!! She's proud of her jbody which is
evident while she FLEXES AND POSES bringing out one of the best BICEP POPS we've seen!!
Watch Carolla's video and you'll see why she was immediately recruited to be on the site and without a
doubt, welcome to return to do more!!
14 min 42 sec Video (577MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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