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11 min 41 sec  Flexing Intro Video
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Hi, my name is Carolyn and I believe that the only way to achieve a fit
physique such as mine is to do it naturally through a healthy diet and
exercise. The webmaster thought it was his lucky day when he met me
but it was my lucky day as I can make a lot of fans and inspire anyone
who wants to show off their beauty and strength.
NEW! - Carolyn's Flexing Introduction Video in Hi Res
w/quick Armwrestling Test!
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Carolyn is discovered by the Webmaster at a local hangout. His experienced eye spots her
amazing body with biceps which are absolutely incredible! Her self-confidence exudes as
she flexes and pops them while his jaw practically falls open! His curiosity invites her to do
a quick arm-wrestle with her and sure enough she proves not only are those biceps of hers
spectacular, she's strong also! This beauty's got amazing biceps, abs, and legs!
 Watch how
Carolyn earns herself a future tryout as she flexes, poses and shows off her strength!