Welcome to CarrieAnne's Page!
Hi fans, I'm Carrieanne. I'm full of energy and just love burning it off in fun
ways. I'm not your typical mom next door and that's something that makes
me unique. Yeah, I get heads to turn when I'm out shopping and I know my
physique draws attention but it makes it that much more fun for me when
people just want to know how I get my physique in top condition (especially
my biceps). I hope to be an inspiration to other women and mom's as I'm an
example of how hard work, along with a little fun can really get you to
achieve any goal you set. Come join me while watching and enjoying my
videos as I look  forward to doing more in the future.
CarrieAnne's Tryout Video
20 min 21 sec Video (690MB)
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The webmaster is on the road, recruiting new muscle models. He meets a sexy southern mom from Georgia, who he's
already familiar with from the
Flexing Audition Videos she submitted which were posted on the VT Clips Store. She's got
biceps that distract with every flex and an awesome fit physique and now she's ready to prove she's got strength behind
that amazing muscle...in her high heels!! Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY, and ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty, his
Two-hands against her One hand). Her energy grows as his energy wanes but his curiosity leads him to test her leg
strength with the SCISSOR TESTS. He soon learns he asks for too much, as at his request, she uses her full power to
squeeze his Body and Head to the point where she takes his breath away!! This hot milf proudly flexes and poses over his
limp body as she celebrates making the site.
Includes: Bonus LIFT AND CARRY Scene. Carrianne proves she's a powerhouse mama as she Lifts the Webmaster
several ways including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, CRADLE, STRAIGHT UP, and LEG PRESS!! Watch as Carrieanne
impresses the Webmaster as she will surely impress you. An amazing video you surely don't want to miss!!
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CarrieAnne's Flex in a Dress Video (w/ strength game!)
9 minute Video (307MB)
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She's super HOT with amazing BICEPS to match!! She Flexes her BICEPS in her sexy black dress
and heels as they POP and explode with each and every flex!!  Go ahead....admire every inch of this
milf. She's worked hard making her body perfect from head to toe for all her fans to worship and
admire. Includes a BICEP STRAIGHTEN STRENGTH TEST. See how long it takes the Webmaster to
pull apart Carrieanne's Biceps from flexed to un-flexed. He gave it his all, but her strength proves
much more powerful than his. She'll leave you drooling...sit back, relax and watch and enjoy this
awesome woman steal the show!!
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CarrieAnne's Flex and Lift Video Package
---3 videos---
1.  CarrieAnne's Flexing by the Pool
2.  CarrieAnne's Giantess Flex
3.  Carrieanne's Piggyback video
3 min 47 sec Pool Flex Video (147MB)
4 min 38 sec Giantess Flex Video (181MB)
5 min 28 sec Piggyback Video (195MB)
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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CarrieAnne's Flex and Scissor (in Pantyhose!) Video
15 min 50 sec Video (557MB)
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Ok Wimpy, you have 10 minutes to escape from CarrieAnne's Scissorhold death grip.  Can you do
it?  To make the video a little more interesting, CarrieAnne wears Pantyhose as she knows many of
her fans like that!  She also flexes her amazing biceps throughout giving the fans the option of
focusing in on her guns or Wimpy's futile attempt to break free from her crushing scissorhold!
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CarrieAnne's ArmWrestling Video 1
11 min 48 sec Video (451MB)
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CarrieAnne shows off her hew additions before getting down to the business of destroying
Wimpy in Armwrestling!  Looking hotter and more muscular than ever, CarrieAnne shows
off her Armwrestling skills by beating Wimpy every which way! (Sitting, Standing, Lying
Down, and even allowing Wimpy to cheat). Of course, she has to throw in a few bicep flexes
between matches for good measure while an exhausted Wimpy is recuperating!  Maybe
next time CarrieAnne will just use her Biceps as a tool to help Wimpy off the ground!
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