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NEW! - Celeste at the NPC Nationals
The webmaster struck luck when he ran into a hot muscle competitor named Celeste while on location recruiting for
the Nationals in Orlando. She's excited to introduce herself and her gorgeous physique and awesome muscles to
the fans. She's amazing from head to toe. Her rock-hard, muscular biceps are very well, her best feature, leaving the
Webmaster lost for words as she flexes and puts on an amazing show for him and the fans.  Just when we all
thought we've seen it all, she surprises by showing off her incredible quads and super defined calves.
Wow!! She graces with her stage routine, in her bikini and heels, highlighting each inch of her fabulous hot body!!
She proves she's got impressive strength also by easily surpassing the webmaster in dumbbell curling and giving
him a taste of her great strength in a quick arm-wrestling match. As an added bonus, Celeste poses in her
competition suit at the contest venue where she's on her way to be a pro!!
Hi muscle fans, I'm Celeste. I'm a physique competitor and just love what I
do!! I work hard but never take myself too seriously. I get my energy lifting at
the gym while keeping my feminine and glamorous part of me too! I'm a
muscle mom and  proud to be a role model to my family and all the females
who strive to be the best they can in strength and endurance while showing
great confidence and pride!  Hope my video brings you the same great
energy it brought me when shooting with the Webmaster. Until we meet
again, enjoy watching as I am proud to show it off!!
21 minute Video (849MB)
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