Welcome to Charming Chantel's Page!
Chantel's Tryout Video w/Flexing Bonus
(Armwrestling, Abs Punching, Bicep Pull-Down, Game of Mercy, Lift and Carry,
Scissoring, and more!)
I am Chantel and I dance for a living. I already knew what this site was
all about when I showed up for my Strength Tryout.  Having
overpowering strength and looking great in a bikini has never been
much of a problem for me.  So showing off my body and and
manhandling the wimpy webmaster was something I've actually been
looking forward to for a long time!
Chantel's Bikini Flexing Video in Hi-Res
Chantel surprises the Webmaster as she
unexpectedly comes out in a Bikini before ahe Flexes,
Poses, and Teases in this very seductive video
Chantel, already familiar with the site, knew what to do when she showed up for her VT Tryout. She
immediately threw the wimpy webmaster over her shoulder and performed a number of LIFT AND
CARRIES leaving no doubt of her strength.   She then totally overpowered him in ARMWRESTLING,
TUG OF WAR, and MERCY.  And each time Wimpy would go down she would always be nice enough
to offer him a HELPING BICEP back up!  Chantel's ABS and LEGS turned out to be equally as
impressive as she took some amazingly hard punches that she barely felt.  And of course being a
professional dancer, Chantel had no problem squeezing Wimpy with her Legs into dreamland!
8 min 47 sec  Flexing Video
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25 minute Tryout Video w/Bonus
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