NEW! - Kylee's Bicep Contest Video
NEW! - Antonia's Flex and Armwrestle Video
NEW! - Savage's Strength Display and Glute Contest
(The Lift and Carry Squat Queen!)
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The Wimpy Webmaster has been hard at work recruiting and armwrestling awesome NEW muscle models at a recent fitness show!!
Capture the flavor and fun of the Chicago FitExpo through our 4 newest models!
Welcome our Models from the Chicago Fitness Event 2018!!
Get all 4 videos (4 models - Kylee, Antonia, Savage, and Lora)
below  for $39.95
NEW! - Lora's Flex Armwrestle and
Mercy Video
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Savage immediately leaves the webmaster speechless as he discovers her at a  fitness
expo lifting and squatting a celebrity over her shoulders with ease and a smile!!  She's one
of the strongest women he's met! After warming up her muscles by winning his
ARMWRESTLING challenge, she LIFTS and CARRIES and SQUATS  the webmaster without
breaking a sweat several ways including: BARBELL STYLE, OVER THE SHOULDER,
BACK-TO-BACK,CRADLE, and DEADLIFT!!  The next day, she enjoys the expo while she lifts
and carries total  strangers who are completely shocked by her incredible power, energy
and strength!! Follow her as she competes in the best glutes contest and wins the judges
over by lifting and squatting a strong male bodybuilder from the crowd earning herself a
winning medal!! Watch this great video and meet Savage...a cool, strong and amazing girl
who certainly will leave you speechless with her power and strength!!
Great biceps, perfect physique and a cute smile is the perfect combination
for a VideoTeasing model. Lora's got it all and she proves it. She impresses
herself and the webmaster when she learns she can pop her bicep
muscles as she flexes and poses with confidence while having fun. Not
only do her biceps look great, but she proves she's strong also as she
takes the webmaster on in an armwrestling match. She handles him like a
pro as they go righty, lefty and even her two fingers against his entire hand.
She finishes him off during a game of mercy where she flexes and poses in
victory. Watch to see how the Webmaster discovered this amazing woman
and why he knew the fans would make her one of their favorites.
9 min  24 sec Video
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20 minute Video
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Kylee meets the webmaster as she's warming up for a bicep contest.
She's confident, cute and has winner biceps. Watch her compete in the
contest and have fun as she impresses the judges and fans with her great
arms and great personality as she proudly wins a top spot among the best
of the best!!
Antonia takes the Webmaster's challenge to prove she's got strength that
goes along with her beauty. Her biceps are impressive also as she handles the
webmaster with ease as they armwrestle righty, lefty and more. After heckling
the webmaster, Antonia's boyfriend swallows his pride when she takes him on
in armwrestling and puts him down with ease as well.  Antonia proudly flexes
and poses in victory for all her new fans to see.
14 min  46 sec Video
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7 min  42 sec Video
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