Welcome to Chiqui's Page!
Hi, I'm Chiqui and I LOVE to stay active! I eat right to give my muscles
strength. I knew I was strong but I never knew how much fun I would
have showing off just how strong I really am as I did all the tests to
be on the site. I love how the models on the site are proof that
women can do anything a man can do and even better as I proved
during my tryout. Looking forward to having more fun as I will
hopefully do more videos for my fans.
NEW! - Chiqui's Tryout Video - Includes Bonus HD Selfie Flexing Video
w/Arm Wrestling, Abs Punching, Bicep Measuring/Comparison, Flexing/Posing, Scissoring and more!
The webmaster invites Chiqui for a tryout after impressing him at the park. Yes, she's attractive and fit with a cute personality but
does she really have what it takes to be on the site? The webmaster will soon find out. He challenges her to BICEP PULLDOWN,
(where her shoulder definition really shows!) MERCY, and ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty) along with his failed attempt of using
two hands and ABS PUNCHING while she maintains her strength and gorgeous smile. Full of energy, she's ready to impress and
certainly does during BICEP COMPARISON AND MEASURING (in which her biceps grow over an inch when flexed) , LIFT & CARRY
(Piggy-Back, Back-To-Back, Fireman's, Cradle and Donkey Calf Raises (highlighting her amazing calf muscles) with the Webmaster
on her back!! Chiqui poses in heels and she continues her tryout showing off her fit & sexy physique that grows more impressive
with each flex! As a final assessment, he feels confident he can handle her quad pressure after she doesn't impress him by
squeezing a scale with her legs. He puts her through the Head and Body SCISSOR test despite her warning him of her strength.
He quickly learns that his curiosity and arrogance may have gotten the best of him. He struggles and panics realizing he can't get
away no matter how hard he tries to loosen her leg vice grip! She gets a bit carried away and sends him off to dream land.
Welcome to VideoTeasing Chiqui!! You sure earned it!!
38 minute Tryout Video
2 min 40 sec Bonus HD-Flexing Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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