Welcome to Smokin Chrissy's Page!
Hi, I'm Chrissy and my biceps were discovered at McDonald's while I was
eating breakfast and having a smoke.  I loved kicking the Webmaster's ass
during my Tryout video (almost a little too much!)
Chrissy's Tryout Video
So impressed after seeing Chrissy flex at McDonald's, the Webmaster meets
her in an open field to give her a tryout which included Armwrestling, Game of
Mercy, Piggyback, Back-to-back piggyback, Leg Press, Abs Punching, Head and
Body Scissoring and more!
25 min 24 sec Tryout Video
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Chrissy's Smoke and
Flex  Video
See Chrissy smoke a cigarette while she
flexes her biceps
in the park. (some nice kisses too!)
5 minute Flexing Video
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