Welcome to Christine the Muscle Machine's Page!
Hi, Iím Christine, an all American girl, who loves to stay in great shape,
play sports and eat right. Iím so glad the Webmaster discovered me while
he was attending a fitness show. Iíve always been proud of my figure and
level of fitness but now that Iím a model on his site, Iím able to proudly
show all the fans what a fit woman can do and just how strong I really am.
Come see how I prove that a woman can be strong, sexy and fit while
having fun at the same time.
NEW! - Christine's Biceps, Abs, and Armwrestling Video
The webmaster finds a very fit and attractive young lady by the pool at a fitness show. She introduces herself as Christine. The
webmaster is very impressed by Christineís physique.  He is in awe of her biceps, abs and calf muscles and you will be also.
Christine is obviously very fit but the webmaster has to prove to himself and to the fans that she is up to VT standards.  Watch
as the Wimpy Webmaster puts Christine through an ABS PUNCHING test in which all along she never stops smiling. Wimpy also
attempts to PULL DOWN her rock solid BICEPS. Next, watch as Christine confidently accepts the Webmasterís challenge to
ARM WRESTLE him. Christine knows how strong her biceps are, watch and see how the Webmaster soon found this out as
well. Wimpy learns that ďcute girlsĒ with strong biceps can make a grown man cry!!!
12 min 22 sec Biceps/Abs/Armwrestling Video
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