Welcome to Ciara and McKenzie's Page
Meet Ciara and Mckenzie, best friends and
bikini bodybuilder competitors. Both have
been athletic since a young age and it
certainly shows with their amazing and fit
physique. Mckenzie is gorgeous blonde
with an amazing physique and Ciara is a
brunette beauty with biceps that  go for
miles! Be sure to enjoy and look out for
future videos as these two have been
winners with the fans from day one!!
Friends Ciara and Mckenzie meet the webmaster at an expo while buying apparel that truly shows off their
super-physique and muscle, especially their amazing biceps! These friends are gorgeous, outgoing, and
fun. They are more than glad to flex and take the webmaster on in an ARM WRESTLE challenge to prove
that they're stronger than he can ever imagine!!  First Ciara then McKenzie take him on Righty, Lefty and
Two-Handed and nothing phases their strength. His attempts at BICEP PULLDOWN and MERCY bring him
no luck at scoring a win as they continue to prove to be nothing less than impressive. Their competition
ready physique and MUSCLE FLEXING will draw you in and leave you in awe. It was worth the Webmaster
sacrificing his ego and energy to show the fans his newest find.  
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Ciara and Mckenzie's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
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Ciara and Mackenzie are back since their debut at the fitness show in Orlando. They impressed the Webmaster
so much with their strength, physique and energetic personalities and were invited to showcase more for all to
admire and enjoy!! The ladies are a few weeks away from a pro qualifying competition and ready to highlight
that not only are they beautiful but they are strong for real also!! Watch them as they have a fun contest
between each other to see who can lift better and stronger. They LIFT and CARRY each other like pros,
LIFT!! Pumped and full of energy, they team up to DEAD LIFT the webmaster, lifting him up together with ease!!
As an added show of their strength, they each PIGGY-BACK him and have fun carrying him around while
enjoying their show of strength victory! Be sure to watch this fantastic video and you'll see why the Webmaster
traveled across the state for the fans, knowing these ladies are winners in each and every way.
Ciara and Mckenzie's Lift and Carry Video
17 min 43 sec Video (721MB)
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Ciara and Mckenzie's Gym Tryout Video
It's a great day for Biceps as Ciara and McKenzie show off their muscle in their official tryout video. They show why
they are more than good enough to compete in an upcoming show and hopefully earn their pro card, but more
importantly they show why they are two of the greatest models on this site!! They warm up their super biceps by
pumping dumbbells without losing an ounce of energy!! They take the ARMWRESTLING challenge with ease as they go
Righty, Lefty and even take on the Webmaster as he cheats using both hands!! Includes a REAL match between the
ladies!! Watch as they do their competition posing routine which highlights every inch of their awesome physique!!
Challenges also include: BICEP PULLDOWN and MERCY which is a piece of cake for them!! They also show off their
amazing calf and quad muscles and super ABS which take a punch without even a flinch!! These ladies will be soon be
world renowned and you'll be able to say you saw them when they were first discovered by the Wimpy Webmaster!!
27 Minute Video (1GB)
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