Welcome to Cyclone Cindy's Page!
Hi, I'm Cindy. I got my nickname "Cyclone Cindy" because I'm tough and full
of energy. I'm proud of my physique. I'm proud of my biceps, abs and legs. I
love hanging out with the guys to show them that a girl can beat them in their
own game!! Come watch my videos to see how I earned myself a spot on the
site. It didn't take much convincing before the Webmaster realized that I'm
strong for real. I'm looking forward to showing that girls can be strong and
sexy and for making many videos for my fans.
Cindy's Tryout Video
(Includes Armwrestling, Bicep Pulldown, Abs Punching, Arm-To-Arm Tug Of War, Mercy, Lift &
Carries, Scissoring and MORE!!)
The Webmaster notices Cindy at a coffee shop. He's impressed by her biceps and offers her a tryout. Cindy shows up ready to
impress. They begin with ARMWRESTLING and it's obvious from the start that Cindy is serious about proving her strength. The
Webmaster is put to shame as she takes him down righty and then lefty.  She even lets him get away with cheating. The
webmaster's ego was a little bruised as he was taken down by a woman wearing a sexy outfit and heels! Also included: BICEP
PULLDOWN, ABS PUNCHING, ARM-TO ARM TUG OF WAR, MERCY. Cindy shows her true strength by lifting the Webmaster with
ease including: LEG-PRESS, PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK PIGGY BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, and CRADLE. Cindy proves her true
leg strength....She leaves the Webmaster speechless after squeezing a scale  to a pressure of 180 pounds!! She has bodybuilder
strength with a feminine physique! The Webmaster must have been in shock when he challenged Cindy to a scissoring test! He
couldn't help but tap out during the BODY SCISSOR. She warns him about trying the HEAD SCISSOR but he insists on going on. The
poor webmaster learns his lesson the hard way that Cindy is more than perfect for the site. -- Nighty Night Wimpy!!
34 minute Tryout Video
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--- Additional Bonus! ---
NEW! - Cindy's Flexing Video 1
Cindy loves to FLEX and POSE for her fans. She knows as soon as you
begin to watch this video, you won't be able to take your eyes off her. She
Flexes her amazing biceps. Watch them pop!!! She also shows off her tight
Abs and sexy legs in the hottest of high heels!
6 minute Flexing Video
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NEW! - Cindy's 2 on 1 Armwrestling Video
After watching his girlfriend take the Webmaster down during her tryout, Cindy's boyfriend wants to see if she can beat a "real man" in
Armwrestling. As soon as she proves she can take him down, he starts with a million excuses!! She makes her boyfriend kiss her
bicep as a punishment for being the loser! She tells him to respect her bicep!!  In an attempt to win some points for the boys, both boys
attempt to take her on. Their efforts fail as she shows she's able to handle both boys at the same time. Their masculine pride gets the
best of them and they continue to challenge her. She puts them to shame by winning every match!! She continues to prove her strength
as they attempt to beat her using their two hands to her one hand!! Her boyfriend gives up in shame, but Wimpy's curiosity gets the
best of him. He challenges her to one last match and learns the hard way to never underestimate the power of  a woman. In a last ditch
effort to lift their shame, both boys attempt to pull her biceps down at the same time. They're quickly humiliated when they realize that
their efforts can't even move her biceps! Cindy proves once again that her biceps aren't just for show!!
16 minute Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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