Welcome to CJ the Crusher's Page!
Meet CJ. a physique bodybuilder competitor, boxer and dietician who's got
amazing muscle and super strength from head to toe. She loves lifting
heavy and challenging men at the gym, proving she's stronger than them!
Her Alpha personality is quite unique with a dominant flavor that many of
the fans will be quite attracted to when they meet her during her audition
video. Hopefully she'll be able to meet with the Webmaster one day to do a
Strength Tryout but it's obvious she will be able to handle that like a pro
whereas he may want to think twice about submitting himself to harm and
learning the hard way why her nickname is CJ the "Crusher".
CJ's Bicep Flexing Audition Video
10 minute Video (408MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
She's confident with Crushing BICEPS!! She's not afraid of anyone....male,
female. She's ready and submits her audition video and talks about her
enormous strength while FLEXING her Jaw-Dropping BICEPS, calling
anyone out who's crazy enough to take her on.
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NEW! - CJ's Strength Tryout Video
30 minute Video (1.14GB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The fans already got a sneak peak at CJ's amazing, jaw-dropping, physique during her audition video and now she
impresses even more by showing off her great strength, which certainly stems from her tremendous biceps, powerful
quads, solid core and much more as she builds up for an upcoming bodybuilding show!! You won't be able to keep
your eyes off her as she FLEXES and POSES and handles feats of strength with great confidence!!
Includes: DUMBELL CURLING, BICEP PULLDOWN/PULLOUT and MERCY. Her energy is at full strength as she
ARMWRESTLES the Webmaster and she puts him down Righty, Lefty, his Two-Hands against her One-Hand, all
highlighting her machine strength biceps!! She is at full-speed as she handles the LIFT and CARRY tests like a pro.
great sport as the Webmaster punches her ABS and QUADS, only to feel the tremendous force of her solid muscle on
his hands. During the grand finale test, she SCISSORS his NECK and BODY, where he soon learns why she warned
him of her tremendous strength. She holds him between her powerful thighs to the point where he admits that there's
no doubt she is indeed, one of the strongest women he's ever encountered. CJ proudly celebrates her victory in
proving she's perfect from head to toe, as officially earns herself a coveted spot as a model on the site.
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