Welcome to the Page of Claire Irons!
Hi fans, I met the webmaster a few years ago at a modeling convention
when he was new to the world of female muscle and strength. I remember
that I showed him a few things then, (specifically how a girl can beat a man
in armwrestling!)  Well, just recently I kept him speechless again when I
proved I’m stronger than ever before as I passed my official Tryout!!
It feels great to have my very own page on the site. Hope you enjoy as
much as I did showing off my strength and jaw-dropping physique!
28 minute Tryout Video (1.05GB)  mp4 format
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
NEW! - Claire Irons Tryout Video
The day finally has come to meet up with one of the first women introduced to the fans when the webmaster was first getting his feet wet
recruiting strong, confident models to the site for all to admire.
The wait was well worth it as Claire shows that not only have the years been good to her, but that time has allowed her to build up her
physique stronger and more amazing than ever before!!
She’s ready to have fun and complete any muscle challenges to prove that she deserves her own profile page on the site. He gets a clue
when his biceps disappear behind hers as she proudly flexes. They jump right into ARMWRESTLING which comes so easily to her. She goes
along with his cheating antics and then finally shows him what she’s really got. She beat him when they first met 7 years ago, and nothing has
changed except she’s much stronger and he still doesn’t know when to call it quits.
Her energy is endless and it shows during other contests including: MERCY, BICEP-PULLDOWN, and ABS PUNCHING, all while wearing heels!!
Her legs are super strong too which is evident when she LEG PRESSES, PIGGY-BACKS and then CRADLES him (from a sitting to standing
position). Her glutes and  thighs muscles are amazing and her beautiful feet call out for attention too!! As her grand-finale show of strength,
she SCISSORS his body and neck with her thighs to the point where he has no choice to submit to her strength while after she does an
extended FLEXING AND POSING routine over Wimpy's lifeless body!  Congratulations Claire, you definitely passed your official tryout!
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