Welcome to Cleo's Page!
Hi guys, I’m Cleo. I’m a newbie to the scene and I’m loving it!!. I
usually keeps my womanly figure a secret but when I do show
it off, guys stare and drool over me all the time so I figured I may
as well get paid for it! What better way of getting into the
business by showing off my assets to the Wimpy Webmaster
and all the fans of VideoTeasing!
Cleo's ArmWrestling Tryout Video
They finally meet!! Worth the wait, and making an incredible in-person first impression, Cleo is ready to do her tryout with
the webmaster. She’s so gorgeous with an incredibly sexy and distracting physique, that the he’s lost for words!! Luckily,
he gains his composure (not for long)
As she is so stunning, he makes an exception and requires she only pass the Armwrestling tests.
Includes: (Lefty, Righty, Two of her fingers against his entire hand!!) Cheating his way through it doesn’t help as he grows
weaker as she teases him with her beauty and womanly figure. He tries a last chance of redemption attempt with  BICEP
PULLDOWN but he instantly fails. Also includes: Behind the Scenes-REAL match where Cleo proves her strength matches
her beauty. Not only did she put the Webmaster down, she uses her endless energy by putting her boyfriend down too!!
She celebrates showing the guys she’s got more strength than any man in the room as they both eat their words!!
Included: POV Scene-from Wimpy’s point of view. Be warned, after you watch this special scene, you’ll be speechless!! See
up close why he never stood a fair chance against Cleo’s amazing beauty and strength.
14 min 49 sec Video (442MB) mp4 format
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Cleo shows her that strength is impressive and surely a gift for all her fans to see!! Includes: Piggy Back,
Back-To-Back, Cradle, and Leg Press. Her leg power steals the show as she SCISSORS and squeezes the
webmaster’s body to the point he needs to come up for air and even cracking his back, just giving him a
little glimpse into the future of what she’s truly capable of!!
After a taste of her strength during her ArmWrestling tryout, the webmaster was curious to know how
much power her biceps have. He tests her strength with Bicep Pulldown (while she’s wearing sexy,
high heels). She doesn’t budge as he pulls and tugs on her Biceps and keeps her cute smile and
energy the entire time. She flexes and poses from head to toe and all that can be said it WOW!!
Cleo’s strength and distraction technique knocks the webmaster off his pedestal and declares her the
winner of his “game” of Mercy!! Watch and you’ll see his shock and amazement after being defeated
She’s so enticing and draws you in....to a place where you’ve always dreamt of. She takes you into her
strong arms and lifts you over her head as you get a direct view of her heaving bosom and sexy
physique. She asks you which view you prefer as you remain speechless with excitement as she
chooses to do whatever she pleases to do with you.  
Cleo's Video Package 1
Get all 4 Videos below for $19.95!
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NEW! - Cleo's Video Package 1
Get all 4 Videos above for $19.95!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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7 min 19 sec Video (225MB) mp4 format
5 min 57 sec Video (205MB) mp4 format
3 min 11 sec Video (97MB) mp4 format
3 min 29 sec Video (135MB) mp4 format
Cleo's POV Lift Video (POV)
Cleo's Game of Mercy Video
Cleo's Flex and Bicep Pulldown Video
Cleo's Lift and Scissor Video
Cleo's ArmWrestling and Mercy Video
Cleo makes a distracting return and immediately ties the webmaster’s tongue. Hard for the Webmaster to
believe that this busty and beautiful babe was strong enough to put him down in their last arm-wrestling
match. She takes on his request for a re-match with the confidence of a champ while he comes up with
every excuse in the book as to why he was the big loser last time.
They go RIGHTY, LEFTY, STANDING, SITTING (you name it!) and the only one struggling is the Webmaster as
he resorts to cheating using his TWO HANDS against her one hand. She smiles as he taps out in the agony
and humiliation. In an attempt to save what was left of his manhood, he challenges her to a game of
MERCY and quickly realizes he doesn’t stand a chance to Cleo’s strength. His chauvinistic attitude gets
shown the door as she carries his pathetic and weak body away.
12 min 4 sec Video (421MB) mp4 format
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NEW! - Cleo's 2 on 1 Ultimate Humiliation Armwrestling Match
The amazing Cleo shows she’s equally beautiful and strong. She shows up for an ARMWRESTLING
challenge brought on by the Wimpy Webmaster whose goal in life is to win a match. He hired a camera
man to help him capture all the footage for the history books...or in this case...VideoTeasing.
They go all ways...(Righty, Lefty, and his two-hands against her one) but the combination of her bicep
strength and distracting cleavage, weakens and distracts him to the point of realizing he’s not going
anywhere. Wally the camera man gets overly confident and tries to get a win in the “guys” column. He
struggles against her strength and gets fully weakened by her voluptuous physique, leading him to find
out, there’s just no way he’ll win.   As a last-ditch effort, both guys take her on in a match, at the same
time. She’s fully confident and for good reason. She knows they don’t stand a chance but allows them to
go on with their charade anyway. They give it all (which doesn’t say too much) and she takes them down
and puts them in their place. She’s in charge and hopefully they learned their lesson.
11 minute Video (426MB) mp4 format
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