Welcome to Connie the Conqueror's Page!
Hi, Iím Connie. I met the Webmaster at a local coffee shop and he invited me to try out for
his website.  I work out at the gym and do yoga every day. Iím proud of my physique and
confident that I can take on any strength test challenge. Iím glad that I can prove that a
girl can be feminine strong and sexy at the same time.  Iím sorry I had to embarrass the
Webmaster as I showed him that Iím strong for real, but Iím glad that it earned me a place
on VideoTeasing.com.  Watch my videos and youíll be impressed.
The Webmaster runs into Connie at a coffee Shop. Sheís cute and in good shape. The Webmaster invites Connie over to Video Teasing
Headquarters for a Tryout, and she is more than ready to show just how fit and strong she is. The Webmaster tests Connieís LIFTING &
CARRYING abilities and she passes with flying colors. Included: Over The Shoulder, Firemanís, Piggy Back, Cradle and Back to Back piggyback.  
Connieís Biceps are put to the test, and the BICEP PULLDOWN challenge is no problem for her. Connie shows her leg strength by Leg Pressing
Wimpy with ease. Her Quads are solid! Wimpy challenges Connie to ArmWrestle, and to his surprise, she ends up embarrassing him when she
compares her Biceps to his. Watch as Connie  beats Wimpy, first right handed, then left handed. She even gives him an advantage by only
using her two fingers. Wimpy thinks he can beat Connie in a GAME OF MERCY and TUG OF WAR, but he ends up on the floor. Connie never loses
her smile or confidence.  She endures the ABS PUNCHING test while proving she can take on whatever the Webmaster brings her way!  Wimpy
is impressed with Connie, but he just canít believe how strong her legs really are. He asks her to do donkey CALF RAISES while he was on her
back and sure enough, she had no problem as she continued to impress him. As a last effort to test out her strength, he puts her through a
SCISSOR test. Connie makes Wimpy tap out as her strong legs scissor his body and neck . Poor Wimpy ended up being sorry that he doubted
her strength. After he re-gained his composure, he gave her the good news that she was an official model on the site.
38 min 45 sec Tryout Video
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Connie's Tryout Video
Flexing, Bicep Pulldown, Armwrestling, Mercy, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry, Scissoring and more!
Connie's Lift and Flex Video
7 minute Lift and Flex Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Connie returns prouder than ever to show off her strength and beauty. She can't help flex
and admire  her Biceps. She's a real fit beauty.  Watch as she Lifts & Carries the
Webmaster while she's wearing high heels and a mini skirt! Lifts include: Piggy Back,
Over The Shoulder, Fireman's, Back to Back, Cradle. Watch as Connie shows the
Webmaster and her new fans how proud she is of her physique.....you won't be able to
keep your eyes off her!! Come watch this video to see proof that a woman can be  strong
and fit while also being very attractive.
Connie's REAL Armwrestling Video
8 minute Armwrestling Video
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The Webmaster's curiosity gets the best of him as he challenges Connie to a 100%
REAL Arm-Wrestling contest. The Webmaster is shocked to see her strength as they
both give it their all. Watch the Webmaster struggle and surrender to her bicep
strength. Match after match, the Webmaster just can't get a jump on Connie. Watch
him tap out as he can't handle her bicep strength. He admits defeat and although
he's embarassed, he wants to show the fans that this feminine cutie is certainly
strong enough to take on any man.
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NEW! - Connie's Armwrestling
Fantasy Video
20 minute Armwrestling Video
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Connie the Conquerer returns to VT headquarters wth her biceps and perfect physique.
She's ready for more action with the Webmaster. Connie easily reminds him how strong
her Biceps are as he is shocked when she overpowers him during the Arm Wrestling
match.  Connie feels bad for Wimpy and offers him an advantage.  She offers to use two
fingers against Wimpy's entire hand strength and gives him a head start. The poor
Webmaster is almost in tears, humiliated...beaten by a girl in a skirt and heels, using two
fingers!! The webmaster doesn't give up, he challenges Connie to another match
standing up and then laying down but he continues to embarass himself. Making
matters worse, he loses to a game of MERCY in which Connie insists on wearing her
high heels. She sees the Webmaster is upset and tries cheering him up by showing him
her biceps, but her act of kindness doesn't help the Webmaster's pride. It looks like the
Webmaster will walk away with a loss, but surely he will be back again trying to prove
that women can't possibly be stronger than "real men"
NEW - Connie's Lift and Carry
13 min 47 sec Lift and Carry Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Connie loves showing off her strength & lifting abilities. Not only does she prove
her strength by lifting the Webmaster but does them while squatting and curling
him!! Lifts include: Over the Shoulder, Fireman's, Cradle, Piggyback, Back-to-Back
Piggyback. Once the Webmaster catches HIS breath, Connie leaves him
speechless as she LEG PRESSES him with ease!! Her leg muscles are super
strong and she shows her calf muscle strength by doing donkey CALF RAISES
while the Webmaster is on her back. Very Impressive!! Connie is full of energy and
never tires as she continues to lift and carry the Webmaster until he just can't take
it anymore. The webmaster admits she's a real superwoman and he can't help but
admit that she's earned her name.....Connie the Conqueror!.
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