Welcome to CoraLyn's Page!
Hi, I'm  CoraLyn and the first thing you should know about me is that I
am more than just a busty milf.   I am college educated, a business
owner, Fitness trainer, event planner, inspiring author, and talent
manager.  Being a strong confident fit woman has always been a way
of life for me which is why I am perfect for this site. I laugh when
guys underestimate my strength so don't be that guy, otherwise I
may have to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget!
You know you shouldn't be staring at a beautiful strong woman working out in the gym but
you just couldn't help yourself, could you? Well you were caught!  and the last thing you
expected was for this busty beauty to invite you back to her house...but it was only to teach
you a lesson and teach you just how strong she really is.  You could hardly believe it when
she picks you up OVER HER HEAD, CRADLES you beneath her chest, and DEADLIFTS you
over and over again!  Thats right, now that you know your place and know who is superior to
you in every way, you can go whimpering on home.
12 minute Video (454 MB)
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CoraLyn's GymBoy Lift POV Video
CoraLyn's Preview Teaser Video
Coralyn is bursting with confidence and sex appeal in her audition video proudly
showing off her fit and busty physique in a short red mini-dress and heels that will leave
your head spinning! Hear her talk about her strength and what she has done to guys in
the past who have under-esitmated her.  And if that wasn't enough, the second half of
this video is a Lift POV fantasy where YOU can experience what it is like to be lifted
overhead and also cradled by this goddess.  As she's hoisting you above her head, hear
her tell you that you better be a good boy or you will pay the consequences!  
10 minute Video (390 MB)
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CoraLyn's Audition and Lift POV Video
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CoraLyn Lifts her Son's Best Friend! (POV)
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You're waiting for your friend to come down so you guys can go out and hit the gym, when you notice your friend's
mom in the kitchen.  She knows you can't stop staring at her.  That's ok, she's more than happy to give you a closer
look.  She's also knows what she has to do to boys like you and that is to not only show she can psychologically
dominate you but to also physically dominate you as well.  Up you go!  Over her head as she lifts you over and over
again!  She's holds you there, taunts and teases you - but don't worry she's way to strong to ever drop you!
The combination of your best friend's mom's sex appeal and strength both arouses and terrifies you at the same time!
It looks like you'll be dropping by to see your friend a lot more!
12 minute Video (471 MB) mp4 format
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So you're the armwrestling champion of this town?  I bet you cant  even beat me and
I'll give you a head start and only use 2 fingers!  You're going to see how I use a
man's testosterone against him.  You see, I have a couple of very distracting secret
weapons that no man can resist especially you! Prepare to be physically and verbally
humiliated as I  tease and taunt you before I put you down!
4 min 12 sec Video (164 MB) mp4 format
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CoraLyn's POV Armwrestling Video 1
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With the virus restricting the Webmaster from traveling, he sends the VideoTeasing West-Coast representative, Michael, to meet
up with Coralyn for her official tryout. Keeping safe from the virus is of up-most importance but when there's a will, there's a way to
make sure that strong-fit women continue flexing and posing and impressing all the loyal fans of the site with their strength.
Michael has been well-trained and taking the Webmaster's place is a big role to fill but sure enough he does a great job. Watch as
Coralyn goes along with each strength test with greatest of ease. Includes: Arm-Wrestling, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, ABS Punching,
Lift and Carry-(includes: Piggy Back, Back-To-Back, Cradle and Leg-Press). Coralyn knows the drill and tells Michael the next test
should be a SCISSOR HOLD. He doesn't think there's much to her strength, so he goes along and allows her to wrap her strong
thighs around his neck. Not before long, he realizes he's gotten himself way over his head and can't escape her muscle power until
he eventually sees the stars!! Poor Michael walks away, feeling defeated, ready to report to the Webmaster that Coralyn is more
than qualified to remain on the site and learning the lesson of ever doubting Coralyn's strength. Great job Coralyn in proving you
have what it takes and to Michael for being brave to take her on!!
NEW! - CoraLyn's Tryout Video
Arm-Wrestling, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, Abs Punching, Lift and Carry, Scissorholds and more!
24 min 30 sec Video (971MB) mp4 format
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