Welcome to IFBB Pro Cris Goy's Page!
Hola amigos, Bienvenido a mi página.
(Hello friends, Welcome to my page.)
I am Cris Goy, a Female Body Builder
from Spain. I hope to make many
videos for my fans. I'm proud of my
muscle and being a strong woman.
Cris Goy, female pro body builder, graces us with her massive muscle, ultimate beauty and incredible strength in her tryout
video. Cris was introduced by her friend Powerhouse Paula and impressed the fans and the webmaster during her "Arm
Wrestle and Flexing video" so much that he invited her to do an official full official tryout. Everyone, even pro bodybuilders
must prove they deserve to be among the best of the best on the site. Cris more than impresses during this video. From
beginning to end, her energy never fades as she gives the webmaster more of a workout than he ever expected!
This video is packed with activity as Cris shows off her incredible strength including:  BICEP CURLING/COMPARISON, ARM
Her amazing biceps, quads, abs and muscular yet feminine physique, beauty and fun personality will leave you completely
speechless. Pinch yourself....you're not dreaming. She really does exist!!
Cris Goy's Tryout Video
27 minute Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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NEW! - Cris Goy Lift and Carry Video 1
Cris is back after her impressive Tryout Video and ready to show off more of her
super strength to her fans. After warming up by curling a heavy dumbbell, this super
woman uses her impressive muscle to Lift & Carry the webmaster with ease many
CRADLE, SIDE STRADDLE, LEG PRESS, and her grand finale, a DEAD MAN'S LIFT!! Not
much explanation needed.....the word WOW says it all. Cris has muscle, strength and
beauty. A pro in every sense of the word!!
NEW! - Cris Goy Armwrestling Video 1
Cris loves showing off her strength and she's ready for more action in her amazing
Arm Wrestling Video. Her biceps are pumped and warmed up as she takes the
webmaster on with confidence and her sexy beautiful smile. They go Lefty and
Righty. Cris can't help but laugh at him as he struggles to put down her monster
biceps. She's entertained by his attempts to win but not even using two hands (and
even at one point his whole body!) puts a dent into helping him win. Wimpy tries
different locations hoping it will help him. They arm wrestle in a chair and even on the
floor but luck doesn't come his way. Her biceps are just too powerful as he goes
down, being defeated by this gorgeous female pro bodybuilder. Go ahead Cris, Flex
those spectacular Biceps....in any language they are simply the best!!
NEW! - Cris Goy Lift and Carry Behind the
Scenes Strength of Tryout Video
(Hi Res)
NEW! - Cris Goy Flexing Video 1 (Hi-Res)
The webmaster shows Cris all the lifts she would do in her Tryout video. He was
shocked that she could really do them with great ease including the dead man's lift
which was a breeze for her!
Cris poses and flexes every amazing muscle of her body!! Watch in awe how this
bodybuilder beauty confidently shows off her jaw dropping physique.
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
14 min  33 sec Lift & Carry Video
9 minute Armwrestling Video
4 minute BTS Lift & Carry Strength Video
3 min 19 sec Flexing & Posing Video
NEW! - Cris Goy Video Package 1
Get all 4 videos above for $29.95
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