NEW! - Cynni's Flex and Armwrestle Video
Welcome to Cynni's page!
Hi, I'm Cynni. It's usually pretty quiet where I come from in the South but
this weekend surely proved to be a whole bunch of fun for me and certainly
out of the ordinary. I met a lot of nice people and have to say the highlight
was Flexing and Arm Wrestling with the Webmaster. At first I was a little shy
about it but I quickly began to enjoy the feeling of being a powerful strong
woman using her strength to show that she can keep up and surpass a
man's strength with any challenge put to her. I'm so glad to be on the site
and certainly hope to do more fun videos for all the fans to enjoy.
13 minutes (517MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The Webmaster catches a great find at a convention booth whose biceps stop him in his tracks!! The moment she starts to FLEX
her amazing biceps, he gets lost for words and just can't get enough of this muscular babe (and neither will you). Her body is
perfect from head to toe including her quads, abs and back muscles. Clearly though, her biceps are the highlight of her
impressive physique which she proves are not only jaw-dropping but strong also. She's excited to show this with strength
tests including: BICEP PULLDOWN and MERCY. ARM WRESTLING is a piece of cake for her as she and the Webmaster go
RIGHTY, LEFTY and his final attempts using his TWO hands against her ONE hand and even his entire hand against her two
fingers are of no use to him. Her biceps grow in front of his eyes as he get weaker and weaker, succumbing to her strength as
she proves she's strong and powerful against anything or anyone who dares challenge her. Cynni goes above and beyond to
show she's got it all. Welcome Cynni, we're awed by your amazing strength and awesome biceps and physique which along with
your warm and fun personality is the total package that all the fans will be sure to love.
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