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NEW! - Dacey Harlot's Mini-Tryout Video
(w/Armwrestling, Flexing, Scissoring, and lots of Girl-Girl Lifts with LilyMoon!)
The Webmaster gets another great find at the gym!! She's attractive, fit and full of energy. He'll quickly find out she's part of the
cool "bicep popping club" and friends with Lily Moon, (who walks in on the action in the middle of the shoot), completely
humiliating him with their strength and power!! She certainly looks the part to be strong enough to be on the site, but he expects
her to pass a few tests to be sure. Includes: FLEXING, BICEP PULLDOWN, ABS PUNCHING, ARM WRESTLING (Lefty, Righty and his
TWO hands against her ONE hand, where she puts him down like a feather!!) His agony continues when Lily Moon joins in and
he's defeated by her power. The ladies can't get enough of showing off their strength and they are excited to LIFT AND CARRY
each other several ways including: CRADLE, PIGGY BACK and BACK-TO-BACK, FIREMAN'S and LEG PRESS!! The Webmaster gets
jealous, so energetic Dacey lifts HIM several ways including: PIGGY BACK and STRAIGHT UP. Another quick ARM WRESTLING
match seals the deal for her to be on the site and leaves his ego totally destroyed. As if he wasn't already exhausted, Lily Moon
wants in on the action and she challenges him to an ARM WRESTLING match where she can't help but heckle him. He's done, but
she's not as she catches him like prey between her strong legs. Her powerful strength squeezes the daylights out of him!! Dacey
finishes Wimpy off and he experiences her legs of steel, leading him to his worst nightmare (and greatest dream) ever!! Their
power and strength are a reminder to the poor wimp of who's really in charge.
Hi, I'm Dacey. I'm best friends with Lily Moon and had the best time
ever as I proved to the Webmaster that I should be on the site. I tried
to play nice but got a little carried away as I easily passed all the
tests at his expense. Oops...next time, I'll be more gentle with him but
if he asks me to prove my strength in the future, I'll have to give it all
I've got again. I had a great time and can't wait to do more videos for
the fans. Be sure to tell the Webmaster to invite me back (of course,
if he's not too afraid of me, LOL)
21 minute Video (848MB)
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